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Blessed Paintings

Custom Art to Bless Your Home!

A joint venture of Tiffany Snow and Father Billy Clark

Ask the Holy Angels to freely visit whenever needed! Through this unique touchstone of your faith combined with the faith of these two prayer-warriors, receive an out-poring of 7 Divine Blessings offered in behalf of you and your household!

Each canvas is hand-painted by Blessed Tiffany in 3 colors you suggest to match your home, in your choice of 2 styles!

* A healing prayer offered by Blessed Tiffany for your name and location.
* Prayers offered for guidance and peace for you and your household.
* A healing prayer offered for any household pets.
* A prayer offered by Fr. Billy Clark for a house blessing at your location.
* Prayers offering cleansing of your property from ghosts and unHoly Angels.
* A blessing on the Holy Sacrament.
* A deliverance prayer offered during a Holy Communion in your behalf.

Each is signed by both Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy Clark.
Let a BRIGHT SPOT Bless Your Home!

Order Yours Today for only $150! (USD)
Each 5/8"x9"x12" canvas comes ready to frame.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for creation. Price includes free shipping in the continental U.S.
Return for a full refund within 30 days if not happy with this unique and original artwork!

Welcome! Tiffany SnowBlessed TiffanyDistant Healing Breaking Generational BondageHoly StigmataDivine DecreesMystic ClassesTiffany's Books Inspired ArticlesDonations, Artwork, MusicPrayer Circles Contact Us