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Witnesses of Stigmata



These are some emails and excerpts received from those who have been eye witnesses of the Holy Stigmata of Blessed Tiffany Snow. Their original names and contact information are archived, and their names replaced with initials for internet privacy. Many experiences of healing are included here as well.

"I had probably helped out at the Divine Wellness Institute less than a month when one morning all of the clients scheduled for that morning had canceled their appointments. We had some free time so we decided to visit the local church supply store. Tiffany wanted to get a few items to give to her clients. Before we headed back to the office she showed me the top of both of  her hands where their was a redness in the center. It appeared to be a insect bite or something that would be itchy. She told me that this was the beginning of the physical signs of Holy Stigmata. Within the hour after this the area begin to show very tiny vesicles that were clustered together. They looked to be like blistering of the skin on this area of her hands and later her feet during the day. I was very excited to see the physical changes that were occurring and could not wait for her appointment to end with her client leaving so I could rush to see what happened next. 

As the afternoon went by and she continued to work barefoot (she had slipped off her shoes so she was more comfortable) I noticed that she became more unbalanced on her feet and even when standing still she would sway from side to side like a tree being gently blown by breezes unseen. It is difficult to put into words the changes in her countenance.  She resonated a beacon of Love and Joy.  It was almost like a light had been turned on brighter within her and she had a glow around her and her eyes were very bright.The blistering on her hands and feet started to weep blood in an unexplainable way. This definitely had the appearance of blood and yet it did not make sense.  She had an open would on her hands and feet and yet no injury done to them.  I had been in her presence all day where all she did was to do the healing work that she has been called to do.  It was not like a cut or injury where their was so much blood that the area needed pressure to stop the bleeding. These wounds had continual fresh blood where it's almost as if as soon as blood appeared healing would occur and the blood would coagulate very quickly. Gauze bandages were placed over the wounds and changed periodically. At the end of the day Fr. Billy almost carried Tiffany to the car. At this time she appeared very dizzy and could not walk on her own without assistance. It was almost as if her spirit wanted her to leave her body and leave the physical body behind.

I went home for the evening and went to bed as soon as I had ate dinner with my family.  I was exhausted. I did not sleep well I kept recalling over and over what I had seen with my own eyes during the day. I felt very unsettled within my own spirit. The next day I went to the office and she and Fr. Billy both arrived for work. Tiffany was very exhausted and looked like she should have stayed home and had a sick day. She explained that she wanted to be there. It was a blessing for a person to be healed while she was receiving Holy Stigmata. She also said that as she did healing on others she too would be healed. As soon as I very gently hugged her it was as if the physical act of the hug changed something within me. I wanted to weep and fall at her feet and hold on and never let go. She was the Christ yet not he. She was Tiffany. I was overwhelmed with my feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for what and who Jesus really is. A light had been turned on and I instantly understood who Jesus was and is. It was like I had a vision of Jesus and was with him and I was experiencing such Joy and Love. It was the first time I had a revelation of how much I was Loved and that all humans were interconnected to each other in an unending chain of Love.

During the three years I was at the Divine Wellness Institute I have witnessed the Holy Stigmata on her body consistently with the Holy Stigmata occurring at least once a month the first year and continuing on with Holy Stigmata to every other month to some months being every couple. There really was no pattern as to when Holy Stigmata would arrive. I have witnessed and seen many changes on her body. I know that this is extremely painful and there is diarrhea and vomiting.  I have seen bruises on her jaw and body.  I have seen whip marks on her back, I have seen the wounds of  what is referred to as the crown of thorns on her head.  I have seen her become so weak that she cannot hold a glass and I would hold the glass of water and the straw so she could sip through the straw. I have seen and helped Fr. Billy carry her to the car when she can no longer walk. I have seen loose teeth in her mouth and the appearance of her shoulder being dislocated.  With every Holy Stigmata her face was much younger looking.  Her skin was renewing itself.

I have also been witness to her experiencing the Holy Stigmata during (to the best of my recollection it was twice) the free Miracle Healing Days that we had scheduled on the third Saturday of every month.  At this time she would see many people and she would walk up to them and place her hand on their foreheads and many people experienced revelations and miracles for themselves.  Many people have been healed at the Divine Wellness Institute and at the Miracle Healing Days even when Holy Stigmata was not present.  I believe the Holy Stigmata was a sign and a miracle for many people to witness first hand.

Over those years I have had the privilege of hearing first hand her account of what happens during the evening of Holy Stigmata and had her share many of the Divine revelations that have been received during this time.  All of the information that she has received she has been told to share the information freely with all of the world which she has done and continues to do.  The Holy Stigma was manifested on her so that the Divine Decrees (special prayers to help through this time of world shift) could be brought in to the world as a gift to all. Do I believe that she is a saint?  No, she is only surrendered soul to what she refers to as "The Big Guy."  At every Miracle Healing Day she would begin her talk with that she is no one special and we all have many gifts within us we only need to connect and use the gifts that have been placed within all of us." C. C. L.

"I met Tiffany even before she experienced the Holy Stigmata. A friend had organized for Tiffany to give a talk in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and had urged me to attend. I listened as Tiffany told her remarkable story of how she came to be in service to the Big Guy, as she calls God. She had been struck by lightning, died, and then sent back, she was told, to heal God's people. Her complete devotion to God and her dedication to healing His people, and her gentle compassion,  was evident. I went up to her after the talk to meet her and asked her about a severe pain I had had for some months, which origin seemed to be a mystery. She gently laid her hands on my shoulders. I felt the warmth in her hands as she closed her eyes for a few seconds and then said it was my groin muscle I had pulled, and it was healing slowly because it was being used each day.Three days later something in me just knew that there had been a turn about in my condition, and from then on I proceeded to get better very quickly.

I was delighted that she lived nearby and from then on my daughters and myself went to her Divine Wellness Institute in Escondido, regularly; to have our spiritual batteries re-charged, as we laughingly called it, and to understand what was going on when we had health challenges, as she could see into our bodies, and to receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing through her hands. To receive God's healing energy through her hands, she always reminded us, " I am just God's servant." We went  for some years until she went into seclusion to further her calling. We miss her greatly.

It was thus that I was witness to the beginning of her Holy Stigmata and its unfoldment. At times I saw her when her wounds were starting to open. Other times I saw her before her wounds were fully healed. Once when she gave me a hug, which she always did at the beginning of a session, she winched as I hugged her back. I was concerned and she turned around and pulled up the scrubs top she had on and I saw the red crissed- crossed lashes on her back, as if if she had been whipped. I also once saw the healing gash in her side. It was truly miraculous.

The powerful energy that flowed from her hands through my body at  sessions always brought me peace and  healing. When I woke up with double vision one day it was Tiffany I went too. When I unexpectedly experienced extremely high blood pressure that persisted, it was Tiffany I went to. She comforted and healed me. I am grateful beyond words for her contribution to my health and the health of my daughters and for the deep compassion and love she bathed us in whenever we saw her.

One sweet story indicates just how important her sessions were for my daughters and how powerful Tiffany's healing energy was. My one daughter was very late for an appointment once, the last appointment of the day, so late that everyone at the healing center, unable to reach her, had locked up and gone home thinking she was not coming. My daughter told me she just sat on the top step by the front door of the center bathed in the wonderful energy for half an hour, and received her healing. It was just like having a session!

I am privileged to have Tiffany , as my friend. To have received God's healing energy through her, this humble Servant of God. I am doubled blessed to have also witnessed  the miracle of the Holy Stigmata through her, this Blessed Daughter of God."  A.H.

"I had the pleasure of having Tiffany Snow live in the guest house on our property for the past year and a half. She and Billy arrived in January of 2009, me only knowing them from reading Tiffany's books and her newsletter. I had read that she had the gift of stigmata and that she was a healer. I always keep an open mind but I am really the see it before I believe it type.  Shortly before Easter of 2009 Tiffany was outside taking a walk as I was coming home. When I stopped to talk to her I noticed that she had some scratches peeking out of a headband on her forehead. Knowing she had a cat I asked if her cat got a hold of her? She removed her headband and that is when I saw the extent of her cuts.  Some were small and surface cuts while others were longer and deeper. She explained that she had received the "crown of thorns" and then proceeded to show me her hands which also had markings on them. Because of what I saw, I knew that Tiffany was without a doubt a stigmata bearer.

During the course of the time that she lived on our property my family(husband, and 4 teenagers) witnessed many extraordinary and miraculous things.  She did healings on myself and my children. She healed the simple things like sinus infections but also healed more difficult things.  My teenage daughter who plays volleyball and basketball kept having a problem with her clavicle dislocating during every game and practice which was causing her much pain and affecting her performance.  We took her to a bone specialist and had x-rays done. We were told that her tendons were just loose and there was nothing they could do to help her and that she would just have to live with the dislocating and pain. I decided to ask Tiffany if she could do a healing on her.  During the healing Tiffany explained that my daughter had fractured the bone and it had not grown back properly and that was the reason for dislocation. It has been over a year since the healing and the clavicle has never dislocated again even after playing more volleyball than she ever has. 

Tiffany also did a healing on my mom who was diagnosed with the worst kind of melanoma. She was told that she would have to have extensive surgery and should plan to be out of commission for at least 3 months. As soon as we heard the prognosis we asked Tiffany to do a healing on her. Tiffany immediately told her that the surgery was going to be very minor and that if she chose not to go ahead with it that she would be healed. Mom decided to still have the surgery and as Tiffany said it ended up being very minor. When all of her follow up test came back there was no trace of melanoma. It has been a blessing to be able to know Tiffany as we do.  She has brought much enlightenment to our whole family and has made all of us know God in a new way." P. E.

"We (my husband Herman, my son Scott and I) were with Tiffany at her very first Stygmata experience. It was so special and so miraculous- but to watch her in so much agony was hard to take.

I brought an ice pack to put on her head and we repeatedly said the "Shema" prayer which is a very special and meaningful prayer recited by people of our faith (Jewish).
Over and over again she would whisper "again, please" and we responded as often as she asked and prayed that her pain would be lessened. Tiffany has helped so many of us who have known her for many years. She and her husband Father Billy are very special. This information is true and from the heart." Sincerely, H. S. R.

"I don’t remember the reason I was at the Clinic that day. I remember some time before the actual incident, Tiffany said she could feel wounds on her hands when she was at the Clinic doing healings, but there was no physical manifestation of Stigmata. Little did we know what was about to transpire.

I took pictures of the wounds that day of the hands, feet and the Wound of Mary (gash in the side). There were no whip marks on her back or the marks of the Crown of Thorns on her head at that time. Tiffany was sitting in a chair in a great deal of pain. Sierra and I attempted to clean around the wounds on her hands and feet because there were lines of blood coming out. The blood looked like it was mixed with something; almost like a gel substance. We took paper towels and dipped them into bowls of water.  Father Francis instructed us not to throw the bloody water away, but to pour the bowls onto the soil of the property of the clinic. We didn’t know at the time if the blood was that of Jesus or not.

We proceeded to very gently, barely touching the skin; remove the dried blood around the wounds and to wipe away any new blood flowing out.  Every time we applied pressure of any kind, it was very painful to her. During this, Tiffany would occasionally cry out in pain as her body would be thrown forward.  She said she was getting whipped, as she was actually going through the process of the Crucifixion. I remember that we needed to get her home as soon as possible." L.S.

"To whom it may concern: I have seen Blessed Tiffany during the time that there was some visible evidence of sigmata on her hands and feet. I had a healing session as well as being with her during healing events for the community in Escondido were wounds were present on her hands. I felt that the sigmata was a real manifestation of a holy sign. Tiffany's humble way and teaching efforts as she has this blessing has been for me, very profound. With the highest regards, W. C. B."

"I would love for you to share the wonderful miracles that I experienced after being so blessed in your presence and to be of service to the light of the world. Yes you have my permission, my blessing, my prayers, my hopes and my certainty that as mankind becomes love, what we consider as miracles will be common place.  It is the end of our alienation from ourselves and "the big Guy" All I can say is thank you and blessings. I was totally amazed and had no idea about the stigmata when we went to the VA Beach Library. It was an experience full of grace. My friends and I attended, my friends are not Catholic although I am and realized that the stigmata is the PHD of Catholicism.  I was in the presence of the Sacred in manifestation. I also have had an NDE and experienced the light in 1981, which was another call to sainthood and to live a light full of light as the object of all that is.

When I was in front of Tiffany and looked at her hands and feet, I saw the healed over holes and found the world behind my eyes starting to come forward. One of my women friends "stood in for" a mutual friend who had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.  This woman is still alive today although at that time, she had a two month survival prognosis.  We told our friend who has cancer that we wanted to lay hand on her and we did.  Ever since that day, I have specifically prayed for my friend knowing that God is in charge and that all is well. There is nothing but love in the universe and healing of all things is possible in transcendence.  The land of the miraculous is possible.

I thought that the energy in the room was palpable and that my hands stayed energetically warm for a week.  When I was in front of Tiffany I do not remember anything after she laid her hands on my head. The next thing that I remember is coming out of it feeling refreshed and peaceful and having great joy. I went out to the barn where I keep my horse and laid hands on him since he had experienced a founder. He is doing well today, God means things for good. Another of the horses had a cancer that supposedly was fatal, so I laid hands on him and suggested to the owner just to think of goodness and pray to God for healing for her horse. The cancer went away never to return. The vet was astounded to say the least.

In gratitude for the experience of being in the presence of Divinity, blessings and peace, the "Big Guy" is in charge." C.M.

"In September, 2005, Tiffany and I roomed together at the IANDS conference in Virginia Beach, VA.  She and I had been friends for a while and I knew about the Stigmata, but had not seen them until that weekend. I was quite amazed at them and had plenty of time to observe them.  She showed me the ones on both sides of her feet as well.

One of my most vivid memories is of her mopping up the blood with a hotel hand towel and saying...."I don't know what to do with it....???"   I asked "What do you mean?"  She replied, "I don't know if I should save it, or wash it down the drain...."   referring to the sacred aspect of the event.  Ultimately, she rinsed the towel in the sink, as there wasn't any other readily available option." D.W.

"First, yes I have seen Tiffany's stigmata -- several times, while she was in Escondido, CA.  On one occasion, I was the first patient she saw after the wounds opened.

Now for the healings: I have several instances to relate. The first occurred on the day I met Tiffany.  While was stuck in traffic while returning to my home in Escondido one Friday afternoon, I Glanced through a brochure given me at lunch by my friend Tess.  When I noticed that Tiffany spent Fridays at an office not far from my home, I decided to drop by either to meet with her or to make an appointment for another day for a healing of my hands that were cramping frequently from sorting mail.  After waiting the outer office, Tiffany joined me, indicating that she was on her way out to another appointment -- so I made an appointment for the following week.  My reasons for the appointment were not discussed at all, yet by the time I got back to my car, the cramping was gone -- and it never returned.  I kept my appointment the following week only to pay her for the healing that had already been completed.

Another time, I met with Tiffany in a La Mesa location, thinking that I had torn a back muscle -- again while working at the Post Office.  Tiffany informed me that the problem was not a torn muscle; rather is was kidney stones -- four large ones on one side and a small one on the other.  Assuring me that God heals the worst problems first, she worked the healing magic on the side with three stones.  Upon completion she encouraged me to drink several glasses of water before heading back to Escondido.  Since I also had a bottle of water in my car, I drank it along the way.  By the time I reached Escondido, my bladder was full -- so full that I stopped into the first store I came to, Trader Joe's, and rushed into their restroom.  When I turned to flush the toilet, I noticed that the bottom of the bowl was filled with crystals!  (The one stone on the other side took more than a week to pass.)

I also credit Tiffany's involvement in prolonging the life of my sister more than three years. Shortly after Teri was diagnosed with three small aneurisms along her aorta -- too small at that time to operate on -- she went into respiratory failure resulting from an allergic reaction to a test. As a result she was on oxygen for a the rest of her life, and since she refused to go on a ventilator, she could not have surgery to repair the aneurims.  As the aneurisms continued to grow, Teri was informed that typically one of them would burst when it reached 6 cm. At at that point I requested that Tiffany do a distant healing on my sister. 

The aneurisms continued to grow for three years. When visiting Teri during her last Christmas, she invited me to feel the anuerisms -- which now measured over 11 cm. each!  In late January, it was found that the three aneurisms had jointed into one long aneurisms -- and still Teri survived until Valentine's Day!  I am convinced that God gave Teri a miracle of longer life through the healing of Tiffany.  (Teri used that time to resolve on-going problems with her family.)

To say that I believe that Tiffany is instrumental in working miracles is a profound understatement -- and I am indebted to her." K.H.

"My mother and I were blessed to have witnessed Blessed Tiffany in San Marcos, CA when her wounds were still open and experienced an incredible healing. Neither of us (my mom and I) new what to expect, we were invited by dear friends and lead by faith. The blessing and message that my mother received was validation that she needed regarding her prayer devotions. She didn't know it at the time, yet when Blessed Tiffany touched her and told her that she was 'to continue praying'. My mother cried for the first time in 2 years. She hadn't been able to express her emotions for so long and the release she had that day 'lifted such a weight' from her. Blessed Tiffany is such a blessing to all of us!  I currently receive her newsletters and continue to be amazed at the timing the information has for me in my life. Continuing to be filled with love, D.H."

"Hello Tiffany: I had a healing from you the week you had your first Stigmata. Your healings were always a beautiful experience but 'this' particular healing was special to me. I had heard of the Stigmata but never thought I would be a wittness. Yes, it was a very profound healing that day. I was completely in 'ah' of the physical markings and how blessed Tiffany was for having been chosen to represent the Stigmata. After that day, I told my close friends and family members. They too were impressed." P. M.

"I had the greatest personal experience ever. I did seriously pray that God will help guide me to a person of His Word in my community. I was miraculously presented with an opportunity to go to an all day seminar here in San Diego with a Christian psychic, Tiffany Snow. She is truly of God too and has monthly documented signs of the stigmata...amazing! Anyway, there was quite a bit of discussion and prayer presented by her and an accompanying priest. The most exciting thing then happened. We were called up one by one and she laid hands upon us. I was not scared but was not sure as to what to expect. She never actually physically touched me at all, but approached me in a prayerful state, speaking of the Lord Jesus. At that point the Holy Spirit came upon me and I was carefully lowered to the floor by the assistance of two big men who were her assistants. At first I just felt sort of peaceful, but then the most miraculous thing occurred to me. I began to have painless but radiant burning emanating from my heart that went throughout my entire body. Next, I felt the sensation of incredible force and electricity start at my head and continue down my body. I began to breath extremely deep and fast unlike I have ever done before in my life, with my entire chest and abdomen expanding and contracting to the point of raising my back completely off the floor! Observers later on told me that had they not known that I was filled with the Holy Spirit, they would have thought that I was convulsing or physically dying! I seemed to next have lost complete control of my arms and hands, and became aware (by peeking a few times) that my fingers were completely contorted on their own. I was also aware of a significant temperature change all around me....at first a very cold layer directly above me, maybe a few inches, and then it turned to extremely warm right over me! There were approximately 40 or so people at the seminar and apparently most everyone who wanted to had been up to see Tiffany and had already been done, while I and another girl remained on the floor for quite a long time. I remember thinking that I did not want this to end because I realized that I was truly being filled by the Holy Spirit....I was and am still so completely amazed! I feel so absolutely truly blessed to have experienced this. Before I have often experienced the peace of God that defies all understanding, but this day was really different. I felt like I had been plugged into an electrical socket and had been personally introduced to the Holy Spirit, and know I have a totally new relationship with that part of the Trinity because I know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Holy Spirit is a "he" and is truly a completely separate entity of the Trinity. Also I was fortunate enough to speak with this lady personally afterwards. She also told me as you had that being a physical healer was definitely a possibility for me, and she gathered that information not from herself but from an inward conversation with Him. "R"

"Yes, I witnessed the stigmata at a general healing event put on by Blessed Tiffany. Many people were experiencing the healing energy present and coming through her being.  I do not remember when it was......a couple years ago or more in Escondido. Thank you, T.D."

"I grew up in a Christian household with wonderful parents and everything I needed was provided for. I was captain of the cheerleading team, got straight A’s in high school, and was all around a very happy and good person. However, during my junior year in high school, something happened that changed my life forever. A sudden death in the family occurred. At 60 years old, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer on a Sunday, and died that Saturday.  When my grandma died, I didn’t take it very well. I didn’t know how to deal with the death, and didn’t turn to God for help. I was unaware of it at the time, but something changed in me. While I grew up in a Christian household, went to church every Sunday, church camp every summer, and prayed all the time, but as I got older, our family schedule got really busy. There were cheer practices, school fundraisers, sleepovers, softball games, family parties, etc. I didn’t know it at the time, but my connection and relationship with God had dwindled. Consequently, I tried dealing with the death on my own and with my family, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Without understanding what was going on, the deep sadness I encountered put holes in my spiritual armor, which allowed the devil to come in. It was at this time, I became bulimic and throwing up was the way I dealt with releasing pain. I don’t remember the first time I did it, or why I even thought of it, but I immediately developed this unhealthy relationship with food. I thought food was going to make me fat. Again, not understanding at the time, that the root of the problem was my grandma’s death. I thought I had an eating disorder because I wanted to be thin even though I was thin, and knew I was thin. I kept this secret for a very long time. No one knew anything because to them I was the same person…same weight, same energy, same everything. Nothing on the outside had changed. But on the inside I was suffering.

After high school, I got into a great college, did well in my classes, and got my Bachelor’s degree in 4 years. However, the devil was on my side during the entire 4 years. I experimented with drugs and partied a lot. I always felt this constant loneliness, and didn’t know how to make it go away. I was surrounded by great friends, family, and lived on the beach. What more could a girl ask for? Something was still missing, and I continued to feel empty. After 10 years of struggling, I finally gave up, and started looking for an answer in a different place. That’s when I met Tiffany. I found her website online, and started reading about the healings. I don’t know if I believed at the time that she could help, but it was worth a shot. I hadn’t told ANYONE my secret, and I thought that was going to be the hardest thing to do.  I didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for me or judging me.

However, the moment I met Tiffany and Father Billy, I felt this overwhelming amount of Love. I knew they weren’t there to judge me, nor did they make me feel like they were better or above me in any way. They would remind me that we’re all God’s children and we’re here to help each other. We’re all in this together. During my sessions with Tiffany, we would spend the most amount of time talking about God and his Love, and when she explained things to me, it just made sense. I had these “Of course!” moments, like I always knew it, but had forgotten. So much of the information I received growing up about God, such as I needed to fear God, and that if I sin, I’ll go to hell, only instilled more fear in my life. God is love. The devil is Fear. Thus, it made perfect sense why the devil was always knocking on my door. Tiffany helped remind me that I’m a child of God, and that God forgives, and God is not going to throw me in a fire pit of hell. It was at that time, I started asking God for forgiveness, and building that relationship with him and Jesus.

I knew Tiffany experienced stigmata because she had pictures in her healing clinic and talked about it.  I also experienced a healing when she was undergoing the stigmata. The wounds were nothing like anything I had seen before. They weren’t the type of wounds that could be self inflicted. I don’t know how to explain them. I knew she was in a lot of pain when we met, but then there was always this overwhelming amount of Love that circulated around and through her. Then, when the stigmata went away, she never had any scars. Witnessing the stigmata put so many things in perspective for me, because while I had developed a great relationship with God, it was always a spiritual relationship…for example, I could feel his Love, he would answer my prayers, he protected me and temptations had dissipated. But with the stigmata, he was physically communicating with us. When I underwent a physical healing with Tiffany, I always felt a vibration where she put her hands. This vibration was the most intense when she put her hands over my eyes and forehead. The cool thing about this is, whenever I pray now, I feel the same vibration over my eyes and head. It’s God’s way of telling me, “Hey I’m listening!”

Tiffany did not heal me, God did, and Tiffany always reminds me of that. Some might ask, “Well why didn’t you go straight to the source if God is the healer?” God brings his children together, so that we can help each other, and learn about love. God blessed Tiffany with the ability to heal in order to remind us that God is here and really wants us to be healthy and live in abundance, and having a relationship with God is the key. God blessed Tiffany with the stigmata to remind us that God exists and Jesus exists, and that we need to come together and love each other instead of crucifying each other. When my grandma died, my spiritual guard was down so low, that the devil came right in. The sins I committed in the past, such as partying a lot, thinking and saying negative things, turning to food instead of God, just created more of a distance between me and the Lord, and the suffering became even greater and greater. God didn’t create the Bible so that people can’t have fun in this world; he created it to warn us, to help us. Just as a father and mother say to their child. Don’t cross the street without looking or you’ll get hit by a car. There is cause and effect in this world, and God gives us free will to make our own choices, to create own path. But as our Father, he loves us, and wants to protect us, so he warns us.

I don’t think you have to experience something really bad in your life to start choosing the wrong path. I know friends of mine that have made bad decisions based on pure curiosity or boredom. But, when God is in your life, and I’m not talking about going to church every Sunday or praying to a God you hope is there, I’m talking about having a REAL relationship with God. When you know he’s right there with you, and you can talk to him any time you want, and when he answers your prayers and you come back and say “Thank you God”.  When God is truly in your life, he helps lead you the right way, and the things that may have seemed tempting to you before, aren’t anymore. My life has changed since I met Tiffany and Father Billy. They have helped me re-establish my relationship with God. Thus, my eating disorder is completely gone. I have NO desire to overeat at all. I’m always satisfied now. I don’t feel the hunger I used to. My God spot is filled. While neither my life nor I will ever be perfect (we are ALL sinners), I have the biggest and greatest warrior on my side now, and when I fall, I turn to Him, and he never lets me down. God also has perfect timing. He brought my soul mate into my life 2 years ago, and our wedding is this year. I was able to open up to my fiancé and tell him my entire story, and guess what; he loves me just the same. God is Love, and Love is Good. Tiffany and Father Billy, thank you for helping me realize that." K.M.

"I have witnessed Blessed Tiffany with the miraculous gift of Stigmata. Its a feeling that you can't just forget. There is much warmth and love when ever Blessed Tiffany was in the time of sharing (which is what she calls the stigmata).  I always felt an extra blessing upon me, like nothing was going to stand in my way, just an unstoppable feeling of love  and warmth. It was just that feeling  like everything was going to be okay, and that the God loves us so much. To see the Stigmata in my life time was just amazing  and to hear the words that come back from the Lord took my breath away, and to see how much he has always protected us." S.M.

"Good morning, Tiffany. I witnessed the places on your hands where you nad experienced the Stigmata. You did a healing session on my grandson on Good Friday right after you had finished the Stigmata. My grandson experienced several miracles after his session with you. They were truly awesome and unbelievable.  If some one told me about them I would think they were making them up and exagerating tremendously. May God truly bless you for your wonderful work. Love, M.M."

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