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Breaking Generational Bondage

Do you need a deliverance or breakage from generational bondage before your healing?
Find out by answering these simple questions:


* Unexplainable, Prolonged, Repetitive or Unusual Health Problems?
* Addictive Behavior or Dependency?
* Constant Assaults on your Finances, Physical Health or Relationships?

If You Said Yes to Any of the Above, You Are Under Attack!

Sometimes There is a Need for Specialty Prayers with an Ordained Priest
Father Billy Clark specializes in spiritual warfare/demonology and cleansing.

1. Freedom and Relief from Depression & Anxiety
2. Recognizing Where Negative Behavior Comes From, and Breaking the Cycle
3. Breaking Any Generational or Ancestral Bondage That Has Been Passed Down to You and Your Children
4. Learning to Recognize Your Life Purpose and Fulfill It
5. Increase Your Clarity to Recognize and Close Any Holes in Your Shield
6. Release Addictive Behavior & Repetitive Bad Choices
7. Discerning Unworthiness Issues and Fully Receiving Joy
8. Gaining Confidence in Using the Gifts You Were Created With, and Following Through on Them
9. Help & Support on Blessing Your Home, Business, Car and Family Members
10.Learn Prayers to Call in Holy Angels to Instantly Protect and Guide You at Any Time
11.Sometimes there are other factors, read Checklist - Are You Being Haunted?

You will be surprised about the clarity you can have and how refreshed and light you can feel without the depression, unworthiness, negative voices, lack of abundance, undiagnosable illnesses, etc, that might have been pervading your life for years and years! You can be free!

Our God-given free will is like a shield around us. Sometimes we can get holes in this shield. 
Holes open us up to manipulation. The first thing God created were Holy Angels, which also have free will. Some of these unplugged from God, and are now called unHoly Angels or demons. They desire to  attack the things that God loves - the earth, humans, etc. They attack humans the same way they have for thousands of years - they focus on destroying physical health, relationships and finances. This not only hurts God, but can distract and confuse us from becoming the true potential that God created us to be. When this shield of free will is breached, it is like having a nagging voice constantly whispering in your ear things destructive and negative things. For example, that you will never have long-term loving relationships, never accomplish the dreams and goals in your heart, never have full physical health or abundance, that you will always have to watch for the next shoe to drop, etc. This creates a war in our hearts, because we know in our spirit that these things are not really how we want to feel or live our lives. Some place deep inside we know that we are sparks off the Divine flame, and were created to have happy, healthy lives full of abundance in all good things. This negative voice is NOT YOU. And you can shut it down, heal any injured or manipulated areas, and have peace and joy again.

Sometimes the holes in the shield are punched through from the outside. This can occur by physical abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse.

Sometimes we punch holes in it ourselves, from the inside out. This can occur by times of high emotion such as anger, fear, or even grief; addictions; willful sin (doing things we know we shouldn’t do but doing them anyway); some medications, severe lack of self-confidence, etc.

*SPECIALTY PRAYER: For Cleansing/Deliverance. There are different kinds of prayers for different things, some can be said by anyone, because we are all children of God. Others need the authority of a priest or one delegated to the clerical responsibility, which is why Father Billy Clark does the specialty prayers for us. Those ordained are recognized by the Holy Angels to have a special authority granted to them through God to cast out demons, and the Unholy Angels know it too. When the prayers are said an invisible war takes place, and the Unholy Angels are battled and removed from you and your surroundings. Also, anything not of love and light cannot exist with you. The holes in the shield of free will are then closed, and will remain so, unless they are opened back up again. Father Billy also helps a person recognize what these holes might be (unforgiveness, pornography, etc.) so the person can take any weak spots and make them strong once again.

Here is a deliverance prayer that you can say for yourself, at any time:

"Father, if there are unHoly Angels in, on, near or around me, I nail and hold them fast and silence them. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them through the Power of the Shed Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I bring them up to your presence immediately Lord to deal with as you see fit. May you fill any empty spaces and lonely places within me with your love and your light. Thank you Father, In Jesus' name. Amen."

You can repeat the prayer as often as you feel the need. Daily, several times a day, whenever you feel any lack of clarity, or experience tension, anxiety or any negative thoughts come to mind. Remember this is not about fear, "Do not be afraid." (Matthew 28:10). And if you feel a more advanced prayer is needed, contact us and we will put you on the schedule with Father Billy. If there is more against you than you know, or for those who are questioning, those lost, those confused or wavering in faith, you will need one who is stronger in faith to assist you in this process of being set free. Deliverances can be done no matter the distance; God does not have limits as to time or space. The Big Guy is big on free will, so after the prayers are read only your free will agreement to receive this cleansing is needed. This can be done over the phone, by email, or even by group teleconference. When you agree by saying "Amen" at the end of the prayers, it is accomplished. 

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.” Zec. 4:6

*SPECIALTY PRAYER: Relief from Ancestral or Generational Bondage Passed Down through Family Lines. Sometimes there are things passed down through the family lines that are not good for us. These can be repetitive physical, mental or emotional troubles. You might see it as cancer throughout your family, or depression, or a number of recurrent unhealthy things. For example, Grandmother had diabetes, mom had it, and now the daughter is wondering about it too. Having a family line that has a problem in it is similar to dropping a cake pan and getting a dent in it. Now every cake baked in that pan will have that same dent. It is not anything the cake can do about it themselves. Through Holy Stigmata, we have been given a specialty prayer to pop that dent back out. Now every cake baked in the pan with be free to be the way they were supposed to be.

This prayer only has to be said once, and it cuts all generational bondage on the person. In fact, this prayer also goes forward and backwards through the bloodline - so that the one saying it actually becomes a healer for the entire family! You can be that touch-stone God can use for your parents, grandparents, and your children (since it is through the blood-line, any sisters/brothers or spouses would have to say it for themselves, they would not be covered through you).

Exorcism: is needed when there is a full on takeover of a person, where they are pushed aside within themselves and darkness is ruling their lives. The deliverance prayers and follow up are needed here. This deliverance is more profound and an experienced Priest is needed here. When our free will is taken from us, He will work and send His Holy Ones to restore the free will. This is done so the person can have the opportunity to come to God, Our Father, without interference.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Pe. 5:8)

“I couldn’t sleep at night, and felt anger boil up all the time - I had even called my wife for the very last time - I was at the point of suicide on the day I saw Tiffany. Tiffany said, “I’m not going to talk to you - let God do that” and I got up on the table, and the healing happened, and the tears flowed, and the chains on my heart broke open - I came out of there a new man, with a zest for life, and knowing what I’m supposed to do - and the anger is gone - Tiffany and Father Billy prayed a “deliverance” prayer and got rid of a darkness that I didn’t even know I had - I even felt lighter afterward - and now I WANT TO LIVE!” J.S. Attorney-at-Law

"Thank you so much for the extraordinary healing and deliverance session! Afterwards, my heart, mind, body and spirit were closely and compassionately working together as equal partners, versus against one another. Yesterday I had a 3 hour exam in school, in preparation to passing the Bar. Normally, I have a tough time organizing my thoughts prior to putting them in writing. Not this time! I read the 84 pages and wrote a 12 page answer, and enjoyed it! I did not have the chatter in my head saying, "you can't do this, you're not smart enough, etc." To top it all off, the professor held up my paper as a good example! Thank you!" Ms. C.S. Mother and Attorney-in-Training

"I'd like to thank you for the healing  session and for your help having talked to Father Billy on my behalf. It was very kind of him to have helped me as he did. I felt stunned and relieved after having read your notes because I realized that even though I had remotely thought that I may have been experiencing blockages of some kind I had been under the impression that there was something wrong with me. Your words were very comforting and helped me realize there are things that are beyond me. I just hope that I am able to find meaning to my life and leave the path of permanent struggle. I thought the deliverance session was very uplifting and felt calm and peaceful afterwards. Father Billy's persona is very warm and bright and his words and prayers are very kind. I look forward to my next healing session with you. Many thanks; A." 

We now offer FIVE WAYS to receive a Deliverance/Cleansing for having your Joy and Freedom Back.

The prayer for Breaking Generational Bondage included at
no additional charge!

And a free monthly call in on Spiritual Warfare, the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm EST. Dial 712-775-7100 and enter passcode 449088# to participate. We will discuss how to recognize and battle demonic attack and the Kingdom to Come!

(1). Private Phone Appointment

(2). Phone: Live Group Teleconference

(3). Email: Distant Cleansing/Deliverance by

(4). MP3: Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance on MP3

(5). Combo MP3: Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance with Father Billy PLUS Repeatable Healing with Blessed Tiffany on MP3

(1). Request a Private Phone Appointment with Father Billy Clark  available on Wednesday afternoons for $70. All deliverance and specialty prayers are included in the session as needed. Please state to the office administrator if you have a healing scheduled with Blessed Tiffany, so this phone appt. can be done before the healing time. Scheduling for deliverances are received on receipt of payment. 

Private Phone Appointment with Father Billy: $70 U.S.

(2). Request to participate in a Live Group Teleconference for Cleansing/Deliverance and Breaking Generational Bondage with Father Billy Clark, available each Wednesday ($50, 11:30-12:30 PST). This is an excellent opportunity to go into a healing with Blessed Tiffany ready to fully receive, and to also have increased clarity of thought and joy in everyday life at any time. Call the Institute at 800-535-5474 to receive your special call-in number. Put the call on speaker phone so family or friends may listen in and receive benefits as well, at no extra charge!

Group Teleconference with Father Billy: $50: U.S. 

(3). Request a Distant Cleansing/Deliverance by Email with Father Billy: $125 U.S.  (sometimes the best choice for those out of the country)

*Recommended  Online: Use our secure Paypal links for the fastest way to reserve your appointment. Email is checked daily.

By Phone: 
800.535.5474  Leave a message for our office administrator Colleen Lawrence and she will return your call within 72 hours and can take your information and credit card payment over the phone and put your on the schedule.

By Email: thefourthhealing@yahoo.com
You may request via email the Cleansing/Deliverance with Father Billy and any questions that you may have, although no email request will be forwarded to Father Billy until the donation is received. Thank You!


(4). MP3: Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance on MP3 You and your entire family can benefit repeatedly. Here is an additional way for you to be able to receive a Cleansing/Deliverance, you can download a recorded deliverance so you may have it to play over and over again, whenever you want! To receive the benefit of the Cleansing/Deliverance, simply agree outloud with the prayer by saying "Amen." This shows your free will agreement to receive. Includes the prayer for Breaking Generational Bondage as well at no additional charge. Father Billy gives his permission to all who receive this recording to also share it with family members. One recording can be a healing opportunity for all your family! Especially good for those who have recurrent problems, demonic attacks or addictions. Father Billy Clark personally oversees the distribution of the links to the MP3s. Once payment is processed, he will send the MP3 link to your email. If there is a different email you wish it sent to, or you have any other questions regarding the Cleansing/Deliverance MP3, you may email him directly at thefourthhealing@yahoo.com Enjoy! Requested Donation for Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance MP3: $100 U.S.

By PayPal:  You may choose to purchase your Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance MP3 right away via our secure PayPal donation link.

By Phone:  800.535.5474  Colleen Lawrence or a qualified helper can take your email information and credit card payment over the phone, and then Father Billy will be notified to send you the email link.


 (5).Combo MP3: Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance with Father Billy PLUS Repeatable Healing with Blessed Tiffany on MP3! Cover all the bases - save money. Cover all your bases by also adding a Repeatable Healing with Blessed Tiffany as an MP3! Play over and over again, whenever you want! Blessed Tiffany gives her permission to all who receive this recording to also share it with family members. One recording can be a healing opportunity to all your family! Especially good for those who have recurrent illnesses - physical or emotional. The validity of recorded healings were first noticed when radio and TV interviews with Blessed Tiffany were re-aired and additional letters and emails of joy from more healing miracles poured in! Father Billy Clark personally oversees the distribution of the links to the MP3s. Once payment is processed, he will send the MP3 links to your email. If there is a different email you wish them sent to, or you have any other questions regarding the Healing MP3, you may email him directly at thefourthhealing@yahoo.com
Own both the MP3s for Repeatable Healing with Blessed Tiffany and the Repeatable Cleansing/Deliverance with Father Billy Clark for the discounted purchase of $250! (a $300 value when purchased separately). Requested Donation for Combo MP3 $250 U.S.

By PayPal:  You may choose to purchase your Combo MP3 right away via our secure PayPal donation link.

By Phone:  800.535.5474  Colleen Lawrence or a qualified helper can take your email information and credit card payment over the phone, and then Father Billy will be notified to send you the email links.


Please also see Father Billy’s website www.TheFourthHealing.com for more information on Cleaning/Deliverance, Exorcism, clearing homes and places of business of hauntings and demon activity, and many more topics.  TOP


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