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God Heals Everywhere It Hurts!
                  From the Smaller Things...To the
Very Biggest!

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"I am a mother of a beautiful 8 month old baby girl, Seniya. She was born with a "mysterious" combination of syndromes, still undiagnosed, I pray for my baby's complete restoration. I have attached a list of her complications..." (Update after the distant healing)" I just wanted to keep you updated on baby Seniya. Through prayers and God's mercy, Seniya, whom doctors said was deaf and blind, is responding to noises. She had a BAHA hearing device that has not functioned for the past two weeks or so, and since not wearing it, she has responded to clapping by jumping in her sleep, she also responds to yelling by turning in the direction, and even the noise from a television. God's hand is upon my baby, not only can she see but now I definitely KNOW she can hear. The audiologist is retesting her sometime next week and hopefully, God will create a believer out of her also. I look forward to one day introducing Seniya to all you who are praying on her behalf, as well as Ms. Tiffany Snow. Thank you so very much for continuing to shame the enemy! God bless you." - Mrs. Selena D. F.

"I was disagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis...and now no longer have any signs of it... I saw Tiffany two times...My name is Eve S."

"God Bless you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good you have spread throughout the world. It was only a few years ago that a healing from you brought about my twin baby boys." 

"Please share my story about reversing osteoporosis, to osteopenia!"  LOVE, Nurse Roshanne in CA

"I had a sore spot on one of my breasts for several years, that wouldn't go away. I had tests done and they didn't show any injury or cancer, but the spot was extremely painful to touch and caused  a lot of discomfort and worry. I had a distance healing with Tiffany and within a month the pain was gone! Also, the same time I had Tiffany work on my cat, who had dislocated one of his ankels and was limping for a year after the accident. The very next day, my cat has never limped again! Thank you Tiffany, you are a gift to us all!" Beth T.

"For three weeks I had a disabling back injury from an accident, causing excruciating pain when lying down. During the distant healing treatment I was asleep, and when I woke up the pain was completely removed, and never returned." F.W. Arizona

"Blessed Tiffany described a woman/spirit to me that God wanted her to tell me about. The woman described was my mother, down to the very last detail! My mom wanted me to know she had seen everything I had done in my life and was proud of me, and thought my new house was beautiful! Years of emotion and pain were released, as I realized Mom’s love for me, and God’s. I had felt so alone, and angry that she had not been part of my life - now I know she has always been there. Even though she died when I was only eight."- J.S. Australia 

"I wanted to have another baby, but couldn’t get pregnant. I am 40 years old, and you healed me 3 months ago. I am now 2.5 months pregnant! I just wanted you to know! Thank you for God in my life again, and Joy, which is what I will name her if it’s a girl!"- A.M. United Kingdom

"You blessed my husband in 2006 from stage four metastic melanoma and today he is cancer free. He was in a clinical trial at ucla and out of 150 patients in it only worked on 10. So I believe it is a miracle. Thanks and love, Maxine B."

"My daughter was in the ICU with acute pancreatitis and pneumonia and the doctors had prepared us for the worst, saying her condition was serious and could be fatal. She was on morphine for pain, a respirator, TPN, N/G tube (to prevent further vomiting), and much more. They told her to "get her affairs in order," all she wanted to do was make it to her coming up high school graduation ceremony. After Tiffany's healing prayer, Tiffany said, "Watch for big changes about to occur." Four days later my daughter was released from the hospital, and started back in school and made her graduation. I felt it was a miracle that my daughter not only survived, but recovered so quickly...I have no doubt that the healing that came through Tiffany was powerful." - Joan G., Registered Nurse (This story and full interview of mother and daughter was also on FOX 6 news).

“I am sorry for calling you again, but I wanted to thank you and Jesus for helping with my wife’s case. As you know, she could not tell us what was hurting because of all the tubes in her mouth and the damage to her throat. Her temperature was so high, we knew she was still fighting infection, but the doctors couldn’t find anything else and didn’t want to go back in for more surgery because of her weakness. When you told me what you saw, when you came in and floated on the ceiling and looked, I knew you really did see everything, because you described the nurses so well. Especially the short one with short brown hair whose name began with “T,” you were right, she did tell the other nurses my wife was going to die! I really got mad at that, I could sue the hospital, but I won’t. I can’t have that around my wife. Thank you for letting me know. Also, we are testing where you said to look and she is feeling better today, but for two days after you were here, it was bad, like you said it would be, and now things are getting better, like you said it would be. Thanx again. E.N.”

"Blessed Tiffany - I had heard about you through Tom and Penelope in Southern California. I have a beloved cat, Peach. One day about three years ago, Peach began to act as if something was terribly wrong. She began to exhibit signs of kidney failure. It was possible she had gotten into Antifreeze or mushrooms. I rushed her to my vets office in Meadow Vista CA.They ran a bunch of tests and told me to expect the worst. She was not only in grave condition, but the Vet believed she would die. I was told to take her home after 2 days and if she made it through another night, I needed to bring her back the next day for Dr.s review. That night, I got on my knees and listened to the MP3 of your prayer. I put my hands on Peach and listened as you asked the Lord for healing. I stayed up all night watching her for signs of life. The next day I took her back to the Vet as instructed. The Vet kept checking her vitals and they took more blood tests. I was told to leave her until later that day. I got the call and went back to their office. When I got there, the Vet asked me what I had done. She had a look of bewilderment on her face. I told her I prayed and told her about you. She was just amazed at the healing and while a scientist in nature and behavior, could only say "It is a miracle!"  But, I knew from your teachings it was our Father at work! Peach is still a pistol today and has been completely healthy since!" Sandra R.

“I have never had such a quick diagnosis for a condition, you are exactly right, the tests just came back this morning about dad’s heart. It was the same thing you said and you were only a little off on the blood pressure and right on with the cholesterol. Thought I would tell you…they are scheduling the surgery in two weeks.(one week later) Blessed Tiffany, I had a really hard time getting them to do the tests again, but you would never guess! Well, OK, you would, but you are the only one! The doctors are saying they want to wait and do more tests, because they can’t figure it out! Things are a lot different than they were! I will tell dad about the distant healing you gave him, only I don’t think he will believe me, but now that the tests are all different, he should! Also, he says he hasn’t had any heart pain since that first day. G.P.”

“Blessed Tiffany you are the answer to our prayers. After 8 years of trying to have a baby, I saw you in the first part of Nov., and I got pregnant the end of Nov. I am carrying twin girls! We are so happy, we thank God every day for sending us to you. I feel great! Life is wonderful! THANK GOD FOR YOU! B.B & G.B, New York “

“Dear Blessed Tiffany; We would like to inform you that a miracle has happened. Four weeks before the session my sister had a biopsy taken in order to determine if there were malignant cells in a small lump that reappeared in Litza’s armpit. The test was positive to the presence of malignant cells. At the same procedure Doctors found another lump and determined that some additional lymph nodes had been compromised. At that moment Doctors scheduled an operation to remove all lymph nodes from her arm pit. I then contacted you and we arranged a healing session. The healing took place on Friday evening April 21st. The operation took place one week after the session. During the operation, the doctors removed all lymph nodes from her left armpit. In total they removed 23 of them and they kept all the nodes to analyze them one by one looking for malignant cells. They also took a CAT scan as well to determine if there were any more malignant deposits in her body or her liver. Three days ago the Doctors appointed Litza to discuss with them the results of the tests. They asked her to celebrate with champagne because “to their astonishment” as they described the situation highlighting that they had to recall a Doctors meeting (this is the leading and prestigious Milan Institute of Oncology by the way) because they could not explain what had happened as it had never happened to them before… THERE WERE ABSOLUTELY NO MALIGNANT CELLS PRESENT IN ANY OF THE LYMPH NODES THEY REMOVED!!! and the Scan test results proved Negative as well. THEY COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. Bless God Almighty and you for having helped channeling his blessings. Thank you again. We cannot describe how happy and humbled we feel by this experience. Litza says “a million Thanks!! to you Blessed Tiffany.” Thanks; Aldo

"Dear Blessed Tiffany, I just heard some really good news today. Lee Ann was sitting up in a chair talking with her mother. I'm so encouraged for her full recovery. Her friend read to her the email you sent her after the distant healing. The next day she came out of the coma, and the next day she was sitting up talking to her mom. Gosh Tiffany, this is so rich! Love you and appreciate you so much. Patricia W. (UPDATE) Dear Tiffany, I wanted to update you on Lee Ann - you prayed for her in November 2006 while she was in coma. None of us expected her to survive.  After Thanksgiving, just after your prayers, Lee Ann woke up and then sat up and talked with her mother. She was moved to a rehab facility and by December 23rd, she came home. Today - August 31, 2007, she's looking forward to going back to work on Monday, next week. She's diligently followed her work out routine to gain her strength back from 9 weeks in the hospital and mostly during that time in a coma. She's radiantly beautiful and glowing with health, and exudes high spirits. Again, Tiffany, thank you so much for your gift of healing to my good friend." - Patricia W."

"You are going to like this one...my husband O.B. WOKE UP!" (coma client, 2 days after a healing, and one day after the doctors suggested to "unplug" life support) K.B. Wife.

"Kellcie our 19 year old daughter was t-boned at 80 mph. She was on full life-support with extensive brain damage (brain shear), a ruptured spleen, lacerated liver, bruised kidney and bladder, collapsed lung, pelvis broken in three places, fluid aspiration, and her heart and lung had been shoved significantly towards the center of her chest. She lay unconscious and began a battle against pneumonia. The neurosurgeon told us there was nothing more he could do. We were reminded we could turn the ventilator off. Her prognosis held no hope. If she lived, she would never wake up. If she woke up, she would have no awareness of her surroundings, herself, or even know who we were...(original testimonial is 5 pages long)... Now, because of the prayers of Tiffany, Kellcie is a living, eating, walking and talking miracle! We have our baby back, and she is home with us, smiling, without splints or braces or Achilles tendon surgery (she is almost off her walker) and remembering more everyday. The doctors are amazed at her progress, and they too have found hope out of her miraculous recovery. Our Father is real!" - B. MacNamara, San Diego. Read the FREEDOM HOUSE article about this miracle healing: "Kellcie's Story of Surviving Tramatic Brain Injury."

"I have witnessed so many  healings from Tiffany Snow, (she is my mom, and I also helped in the office a while) as well as having many numerous healings myself. I wanted to share this story  of several years ago when I was a teenager and had a boating accident. I was thrown from the tube into the water at a very speed. I felt myself flying about 30 feet into to the air, and I landed on my right side with my arm and head hitting the water first. At first I thought nothing of it. But I noticed that I had trouble swimming back to the boat. I once again thought well maybe I just stretched something, but an hour later  I had realized that I was is in serious trouble;  I was not able to even hold onto a  soda can, it fell right to the ground. I needed help, so I asked mom for healing. I thought that my right side of my arm would be paralyzed. Tiffany was on the boating trip too. She prayed and she got the information that I had nerve damage in my arm.  I was devastated, I didn't know what I was going to do, my right arm is my everything; how I write, drive, eat. Not being able to use my hand just terrified me. Well Tiffany said, "Lets pray".  While she prayed for me, she was also doing hands-on healing as well. Whenever mom would pray for me, she said the kindest things and I could feel her hot hands upon my body, and I knew that she was a vessel for the Lord with the Holy Spirit.  In three days, she said, "go in to the water and swim," so I did. I was expecting several hours of rehab and therapy but I knew that God had healed me when I got in the water. I was able to swim, and a couple days later, I could do everything  again like nothing happened. I was  in so happy, because  from that experience I  know we are loved by our Lord, and that miracles can happen in an instant, as well as over time. I had a  miracle, the Lord knitted my nerves back together and I was healed!  This story is yet very important to me. I am reminded of that miracle today, because my husband and I are expecting a little baby into our family. All I  I can think about is how I am going to be able to hold my baby in both of my arms, something that I didn't see myself doing!" S.M.

”Thank you again and again! I now have freedom of movement in my neck and the bones no longer crack and pop. I can move my head to the left and to the right and there is no noise whatsoever! These problems have been bothering me for about 12 years, since the car accident - now they are gone! The day after you worked on me, when I woke up I felt different. Later that day I was riding along with my husband and son and I discovered that I could move my head and neck back and forth and up and down with no cracking and popping anymore. The heaviness in my head was gone. I started to cry tears of joy and I asked my husband if he knew why I was crying and he started guessing everything else. Then I moved by head to let him see. I told him I had been healed, we are so happy! I am truly thankful to God and to you. Miracles are still happening in 2004. I know because it has happened to me, and at a distance too! - A.B., Ohio

“Blessed Tiffany, I didn’t feel anything different after the healing time. I told you I didn’t think anything happened. Well, here I am three weeks later, with egg on my face! You won’t believe it! Well, I know YOU will. The tests came back. You are the only new thing I did. MY RECTAL CANCER IS GONE!!! I will never doubt God again, or you! Forgive me! I’m going to LIVE!!! C.O. Florida”

“You are exactly correct, the medical information is everything that the doctors said, you confirmed it! The emotion/mental notes were too much for me, and it took all day to read, because I kept stopping to cry. I CRIED! I never cry. There was no way you could have known about me from anyone. It made me realize someone (The BIG GUY as you say) was helping you to reach my heart and to get past those things I still had in there, the things that hurt I feel better today. God bless you and keep you. D.L., Canada”

“Good Morning, My friend Tiffany A. that you helped now shows no sign of her three (inoperable!)brain tumors. Thank you so much for being part of her healing, especially with a 6 year old daughter, her life is her own again. With Love, A.R. Ohio

"Dear Tiffany, I met you with my Mom and sister before you started receiving the Stigmata but that didn't change the fact that our brief healing session didn't have a drastic change for the good in my life. I was the last to see you in our group that day but what you said changed everything. You said "The Big Guy" guided you and you told me I wasn't grounded and needed to see myself with roots going into the earth; that was true, I wasn't grounded at all. You also said that I needed to work on my intuition and ask God to show me how to communicate with Him and Guide me. That was a process that I am still developing but that really changed my life. I would not be spiritually at peace most of the time if you hadn't delivered that message from God to me. You also said there was something wrong with my heart and my Mom's, the way it was working, it turns out I had developed a heart murmur and I had to call the ambulance for my Mom years later, we were all; my whole family diagnosed with a tick borne illness that causes that.
Were it not for your prayers and the message God gave you for me I would not have been ready to go through the spiritual trials that were coming and I wouldn't have acted on the message God sent me to get tested for this illness. One day God just told me get tested for it, I had no reason to and I thought my doctor would laugh me out of the room but the next day my dad came home with a huge stack of information on that very illness and in the stack was the name of a doctor close by. I called. It turns out my whole family has it. It came just at the right time, it was getting bad. We went undiagnosed for 15 years. If you hadn't given me the Message from God to start listening to Him and finding out how to listen and obey Him, I wouldn't have made the call. We are being treated and are getting better. May God and His Angels Protect and Look after you and your family and all those you help. In Jesus Christ's Most Beloved Name, Amen. Thank you for using your Gifts from God for helping us. Natalie M."

"My hormones were all messed up - no period for over a year since I lost my baby at childbirth. I started my period three days after the healing - a year later, I have a healthy baby boy!" A.M. Midwife, Fl.
"Well I do believe in the power of prayer. Thank you for saying prayers for Mike! I spoke to his wife last night, and she could not have been more excited. I told you he couldn't talk after being paralyzed on his right side from the blood clot and the time he had no oxygen to his brain. Last night he spoke and said "I LOVE YOU!" to his wife! They have been through a life-time of horror with this. Now he will be starting rehab to strengthen his speech and walking. Thank you again for keeping him in your prayers. I really know that you and "The Big Guy" are close. God Bless!"  Eyvonne
"Hi Tiffany, I wanted to write to give praise and thanks for more healing. After meeting with you on May 31st, I started feeling slightly queasy. As the days continued, my vision became extremely blurred, and I had extreme headaches and suffered from nausea. I really started worrying that something was wrong with me as the symptoms lasted for a full month. As you know, I have been an addict for most of my life. Then miraculously, all of the symptoms disappeared and I felt great. The only way I can explain it is that the healing stirred up so much gunk that I got more sick as my body cleaned out. I'm writing as a testimony to the healing that occurred and to encourage those that receive a healing to know that sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. What a blessing. And I do not have cravings at all. Thank you!!!" Frank (please note, many addiction healings occur without any typical side-effects of the drug used, and times differ for each body).
"I fractured my foot in three places, the office where I work did the x-rays, and it is one of the clinics where Tiffany works. She asked for 10 minutes to see me before her next client. I couldn't help but weep for joy when the vibration and heat happened, I knew I was being healed, and the pain left. From there I went to the emergency room, where more x-rays were done. I knew what the answer would be. Yup, NO fractures or breaks of any kind! The next day I was back at work, and my boss did new x-rays because he couldn't believe it. He does now!" P.S. Secretary
"Dear Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy Clark, I emailed you asking for a Deliverance and Healing. I was suffering from severe panic attacks last Oct. and Nov. and high anxiety during December. Also exhaustion and other health and emotional issues. I was on medical leave from work for the month of December and I attended church almost every morning because I wanted to receive the Holy Eucharist. Before then, I never attended church during the week, only an occassional Sundays. Mid-December, I communicated with Father Billy and your assistant by email. Then on Dec. 31, between 1 and 3 pm, I was sitting in the living room and reading a book. No tv, no music. Was very quiet. Then suddenly from my left, I felt this "wall" of  very strong wave of energy coming towards me. It went thru my body and I can feel a 1-2 inch outline of energy along my body on my right side. It lasted 2-3 seconds.  After that I felt the most incredible peace and calm, and I have had no more panic attacks or anxiety. I know God healed me." Regina Z. Connecticut

"Blessed Tiffany, I came to see you after I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. I had an appointment with my endocrinologist, and he told me I was one of the rare cases that go into a spontaneous remission (10-20%). It took a few months after I saw you for my blood work to get back to normal, but it has, and I have been fine since then! Thank you so much, I was very lucky to be pointed in your direction, and have been telling everyone about you!" Denise
"I started in the 80's seeing a myriad of healers and various modalities, but Nothing helped. My naturopathic doctor suggested seeing Tiffany Snow. Basically, everything Tiffany told me coincided with my doctor's laboratory blood tests, which was a diagnosis of Leaky Gut Syndrome and extreme anxiety. Tiffany moved the energy around so much I felt physically drained for three days afterward. After three treatments, I was perfectly fine. For the open-minded and skeptics alike, I highly recommend this unique, one-of-a-kind healer, a sincere human being." J.E.S.

"Dear Blessed Tiffany, healing does work! In my left ear I can hear sounds, loud! And the name you gave me of the woman who passed away and wanted to give me love, I have received information that was my grandmother's name. And you mentioned my daughter, to take her for blood tests. In fact, she does some complain about pain inside her body. I am much more calm than before I saw you. You know, I have been deaf since birth. Thank you!" J.O.

"I asked Blessed Tiffany for healing for my 3 day old migraine to stop hurting me - not only did it go away, but my arthritic hand of 23 years healed too! I can open and close it without any pain! Tiffany is an Angel of God - you'll see!" M.L. Retired

"I couldn't sleep at night, and felt anger boil up all the time - I had even called my wife for the very last time - I was at the point of suicide on the day I saw Blessed Tiffany. Tiffany said, "I'm not going to talk to you - let God do that" and I got up on the table, and the healing happened, and the tears flowed, and the chains on my heart broke open - I came out of there a new man, with a zest for life, and knowing what I'm supposed to do - and the anger is gone - a "deliverance" prayer was said, and I got rid of a darkness that I didn't even know I had - I even felt lighter afterward - and now I WANT TO LIVE!" J.S. Attorney-at-Law

"The doctor had said both breasts needed to be taken off because of the cancer. A friend took me to see Tiffany. I felt heat from her hands, and they seemed to vibrate softly. One week after that, I saw Tiffany again, and she told me not to come back unless I got a doctor's second opinion. The next week I came to see her again, with results in hand (and many of my crying friends). The cancer is gone! I have a clean bill of health! Thanks to God and Tiffany Snow." C.P.

"Due to hormone imbalances, I was bleeding for 3 weeks. After seeing Tiffany, it stopped in 3 days! Thanks! I have my energy back again." Mrs. B. Holistic Health Practitioner

"Thank you so much for the extraordinary healing session! Afterwards, my heart, mind, body and spirit were closely and compassionately working together as equal partners, versus against one another. Yesterday I had a 3 hour exam in school, in preparation to passing the Bar. Normally, I have a tough time organizing my thoughts prior to putting them in writing. Not this time! I read the 84 pages and wrote a 12 page answer, and enjoyed it! I did not have the chatter in my head saying, "you can't do this, you're not smart enough, etc." To top it all off, the professor held up my paper as a good example! Thank you!" Ms. C.S. Mother and Attorney-in-Training

"Good Morning Blessed Tiffany - just a note to tell you that we had another PET scan - there is no sign of cancer anywhere in my body! The doctors can't believe it, but I do. You told me what the results would be before we even got the tests. They told me I should have been dead last year. I plan on keeping them surprised!" J.M - San Diego

"My shoulder had been painful and nearly frozen for over 7 years. I came to see you only because my wife nagged me to do it. I have to admit that when you asked me to raise my shoulder and see if there was any pain, I didn't believe I could do it, but there it was. And here it is two weeks later, and I can lift heavy things and have no problem. I apologize to you for not believing, I was just skeptical. I am sending a friend from work, he is skeptical too, so you will do just fine with him. Keep up the good work, and thanks." - B.L. Los Angeles

"Blessed Tiffany did a healing treatment on my Dad, and told him to go get his heart checked by a medical doctor, who confirmed heart disease and quickly scheduled him for a quadruple bypass. Tiffany had "seen" constriction in only three arteries - in one area a new system of veins had grown around the problem area. The operation confirmed what Tiffany said, only a triple bypass was needed - and with Tiffany's care, Dad went home in an amazing three days!" S.R.,PhD, Counselor

"I can WALK again. What more is there to be said?" F.H. Retired
"Your loving Angel Hands so gentle on my poor cancerous body - I can flap my arm like a chicken now, all without pain from the (breast) surgery - and despite the scar tissue and reconstruction. Your healings also gave me back the ability to keep food down despite the chemotherapy. God has used you to help others, and will continue to. I feel blessed to know you." M.B. Beautician

"My mother is 93 years old, and though one eye had nearly been blind, through healing prayer, both eyes were clearing, and her ability to walk greatly improved...then, my mom was diagnosed with a spot (4 cm) on her right lung, and abnormal pap cells. Suspecting cancer, the doctor was recommending a biopsy and possible surgery. The night before my mom was scheduled for a cat scan, Dr. Snow came to visit...The doctor entered with mom’s chart and test results saying “Ladies…someone’s been praying.” My cousin and I replied “Yes, we have.” The doctor said “No! I mean let me read the test results…!” The only word I remember is “benign” and the praise began as the tears flowed. The doctor informed us that “only a residue” was left in the area where the spot had existed and they would treat her with medication for the cervical area. Now, No surgery was needed! It was gone!" V.H.M. College Administrator

"Praise God! Just One time in prayer, and the Lord healed me of lung cancer - and gave me words of prophecy that are coming true. God has Gifted Tiffany Snow as His instrument!" R.B. Senior Pastor - Cornerstone Church

"I had mono for three weeks. At the time of the disease I couldn't breathe or eat any food. After the healing I was able to hold food down and I felt so much strength...also, I could finally sleep at night...I got better weeks earlier than expected, and was able to do my final exams - if I had missed them, I would have had to take the year over again, the teachers were amazed I was back with a clean bill of health..." S.N. College Student

I have several different joint injuries...during the healing treatment I felt heat beneath your hands followed by increased relaxation and a sense of well-being. I also felt energy flow through my body...discomfort abated and my joints felt stress relief and greater pain-free range of motion. I felt very relaxed yet I had a heightened sense of mental focus and awareness." Dr. R.C. Chiropractor

"I came to see Blessed Tiffany because my back ached. Blessed Tiffany told me it wasn't my back, but that I had kidney stones. She put her hands on me and told me to drink apple juice. For three days I peed sand! All my pain is gone!" K.M. Postal Worker

"I wanted to have another baby, but couldn't get pregnant. I am 40 years old, and came to see Blessed Tiffany 3 months ago. I am now 2-1/2 months pregnant! Thank God and Tiffany!" A.M. Homemaker

"My tumor is very large, about seven pounds, and has been growing a long time. It has decreased down to 4 pounds now, after just two visits. Nothing else has helped this much, or so quickly! I expect it all to go away soon! Now I know something that works!" J.T. Office Worker

"My friend came here with terminal cancer. Her anxiety left, and tranquility and peace replaced the fear. Even her pain lessened, and she was able to sleep better at night. She did die, but the relief that Tiffany brought to her was better than anything else that was being done for her, and the family saw it too, and everyone seemed so much better for it." R.B. friend of T.J

"After reading Tiffany Snow’s book “The Power of The Divine” I decided to contact her for a distant healing.  My concerns at the time were spiritual attachment, I had done work with Spirit Releasement Therapy and after spending thousands of dollars still felt that something was wrong. I also asked for a spiritual and emotional healing. I very recently had a very delicate foot operation and was in a cast. I had minor physical concerns at the time. This was all that I requested. I received my healing notes and it came as no surprise to me that I indeed had a large spiritual attachment. Tiffany (through Fr. Billy) did the cleansing and sanctification prayer (deliverance) for me and told me not to do Spirit Releasement Therapy because it could bring attachments to me; that is exactly what had happened.  There was also emotional healing that went right to the point. It went ten years into the past and it was all correct. Tiffany also saw blue light on the foot that had the surgery. I felt released after the healing. Unbeknown to me I was continuing to heal. I continued to see my foot doctor for follow ups after my surgery. He kept commenting on how fast I was healing. He kept repeating it over and over saying "I've never seen a foot heal so quickly after this type of surgery." The next visit the same comments, he kept asking me if I took supplements and if so what they were! I finally let him know what Tiffany had done. He said he knew something had happened but didn’t know what it was. He told me to tell Tiffany "Please keep on doing what you're doing." I have since referred many friends and family to Tiffany. The results are something that the word amazing is not enough to describe. The emotional healing alone frees people to really live. Tiffany has always been gracious, generous, patient and kind.  It has been my honor to know her. My life is forever changed. One more thing! I had completely forgotten to mention to Tiffany that I had severe arthritis in my legs and hands and was taking Celebrex daily. About a month after the healing I suddenly realized that I had not taken a pill because I did not have any pain. I finally realized month’s after the healing that I DO NOT HAVE ARTHRITIS anymore and I did not even ask for this in my healing. God knows what needs to be done. Tiffany, may God continue to pour out his love and blessings to you in abundant measures! Love always, Aprile D.

 "I am writing this as a testimony for God’s work in me through Tiffany Snow. I was first referred to her by a pastor friend of mine and I've always believed in, and been blessed by the supernatural Spirit of God. What I experienced during a visit to Tiffany was something far beyond my expectation. To make a long story short, I went to have a treatment with Tiffany because I thought I had a silicone breast implant rupture. When I visited Tiffany she knew nothing of my condition. As she laid her hands on me she went right to the place that was affected (my arm pit area and side) and said, “What is this? It feels like Jell-O or something. It’s very strange and slippery and, oh my, this stuff is not organic.” At this she asked, “What’s going on here?” As I explained, Tiffany worked on me and said, “the Lord wants you to know He hears your prayers, you silly girl!” At that, I knew exactly what she meant. My prayer was that God would create a barrier so that no more silicone would leak into my body and that’s exactly what God did. It was through my prayers and Tiffany’s reinforcing work to create strength in this barrier that 5 months later I finally had surgery. Even though an M.R.I scan showed there was "no rupture," the doctor believed me and operated. He said afterward that 90% of the silicone had leaked out of the sack yet had somehow been trapped in the breast area, so he’d gotten it all out. Even though the M.R.I. scan showed everything intact, he was very glad he had operated on me. And indeed everything had stayed in place - miraculously God had created a barrier which held for over 5 months. Now I am all organic, blessed, and continuing to heal beautifully with post treatment from God through Tiffany Snow. - Susan F. Oceanside, CA

“A subject utilized EEG Neurofeedback for fifteen days straight, except for one day, to establish a baseline for attempting to document improvement after hands on healing from Tiffany Snow. The objective was to enhance Beta waves (15-18 Hz) at A2-C3-T4, and inhibit Theta waves ( 4-7 Hz) at A2-T3-T4 while reducing excessive Alpha waves (8-10 Hz) that were not being filtered from the raw EEG, only observed visually. The most obvious result from Tiffany being present before the laying on of hands had begun, was a decrease in the regular production of excessive Alpha waves. There was thirty minutes of Tiffany's hands on the subjects head while EEG recordings were being taken, but the plots were hard to read due to interference from Tiffany's hands touching the electrodes. There were some more recording done, hands off, with Tiffany still in the room and some done after she left because she needed to eat. It had been about almost nine hours since Tiffany had last eaten. The recordings appeared worse compared to when Tiffany was in the room but improved compared to the baseline readings. The following day the subject was recorded again. The results revealed that the pattern had clearly improved but did not look as good as with Tiffany in the room. Both frequencies had improved compared to the baseline readings. The recordings showed both consistently higher Beta and lower Theta production. Excessive Alpha production had also improved visually. In conclusion: positive changes in the brain waves of one subject was observed with Tiffany in the room, even before the official thirty minutes hands on healing had begun. The EEG recordings appeared worse when Tiffany removed her hands, but still looked better compared to some baseline readings of days before. The following day the subject was recorded again, and the pattern had clearly improved compared to the baseline. The recordings showed that the subject was now consistently producing more healthy Beta waves and less of the problematic Theta waves. Excessive Alpha production was also improved. More energy and better concentration in the subject would be expected from this kind of outcome. This preliminary study was done under the direction of Dr. Greg Cantu utilizing the Neuropathways all digital real time EEG neurofeedback instrument."

"Dear Dr. Snow, With great joy, gratitude and love, I wanted to let you know I am getting better every single day! My anxiety/panic disorder was so distressing. It was interfering with my ability to truly enjoy my life and to be of assistance to others. For many, many years, I had hoped and prayed for a cure.  With your wonderful work, and God's pure love, I am well on the way to being completely cured. Please accept my deepest gratitude, Dr. Snow. Sincerely, Sarah S."

"Thank you for replying to me. I first want to thank you for coming to me the distant healing was a wonderful experience. On the 29th I spent it cleaning my home preparing my home for yours and Gods visit. Even though I talk to God everyday and I know his presence in my home you made it feel to me like you were actually bringing him to my home. I woke up when you came to my home....there was a bright pink light that lit up like a search light announcing your arrival....at first I thought I imagined the light but then I started to feel an unusual feeling of electricity or energy moving around me. I could always feel your presence  where you were working. At one point it felt like you bumped into me which made me jump....I could feel when your hands were on my head or my back. At one point it felt like you were holding my hands....It truly was an experience I will never forget....I wanted to ask you there was one point with pain that I grab my right breast....it felt as though you were pulling something out of me and it felt very long....I had to grab my breast due to it was uncomfortable. When I awoke in the morning I did notice that I did not have any back pain....you stated you worked quite a bit on my back....I was hoping for complete healing of my left foot which makes it difficult to walk....I have a bone spur and problems with my tendons in my foot due to the bone spur.....My foot is somewhat better but not completely....I felt very sick for about 2 days after the healing....I felt nauseated.....and just overall not well...almost like I had the flu...you explained this as part of the process.....my hands is what I was the most surprised about the itching....and a very strange energy in my palms and fingers.....I look forward to working with you in the future.....Thank you for all you do...you are a blessing." – A.A.

"Blessed Tiffany, is truly a messenger of the Divine our Father. You can trust what ever is revealed to her from Father. In October, I was diagnosed with ductile carcinoma in the left breast. I contacted Blessed Tiffany for a long distance healing. After the healing was done I received healing notes about my life. I was happy with everything that was revealed. I was shown just how much I am really loved. I had doubts about that for a very longtime. I know now that I am truly loved. It was revealed that Father would bless all my efforts. He did just that. He knew that I would seek out other means of getting myself healed. I also changed my eating habits and stayed away from sugar. I never was afraid. I would also read the notes that Tiffany had sent me. I never went back to the surgeon that wanted to do surgery on me. It was just this year in May that I had a test done that says “appears normal.” Father healed me and I am eternally grateful to him and Tiffany and My husband for supporting me in all I did. PS. I have so much more to share and that is why I really want to write a book so I can be an encouragement to others. Tiffany I now have the ability to heal others myself. I am willing to do what Father wants me to do. There is just so much pain and sickness in the world. I was working on my husband and was getting results. I still have the handkerchief that you prayed over and sent to me and also the bible. I read the deliverance prayer every time I think of it." Sincerely, Anne B.

"I forgot to tell you of my healing experience after seeing you a year ago. In the spring of 2006 my mammogram and ultrasound on left breast showed a "change" from the previous year. The hospital wanted to do a biopsy. You told me you did not see cancer. In Sept. I developed a yellow and green color on the left breast, like a large strange bruise, and pain radiating down to armpit.  This lasted a couple weeks and then it went away. I finally was able to have insurance through my job and another mammogram done in late Oct. showed no problems. The mammogram done in April this year was also fine. So whatever changes took place after seeing you, and whatever happened when the skin turned yellow and green with pain to armpit before clearing up, I believe was the result of your healing prayers with our God, and the breast was healed. Thanks Tiffany, you are much appreciated! Will keep in touch and participate in the classes when the time is right. Thank you, Judy H."

"I just wanted to let you know that the healing continues. I am no longer addicted to crystal meth. No cravings, no desire to do it or use it again. For years after trying to quit, I would eventually fall off the wagon and end up using meth again.  Everyday would be a struggle.  Those days are gone!  Much praise and thanks to you and God!  I am so grateful!! I threw away all of my glass smoking pipes and any/all items related to my past addiction. Your healing has also stirred so much gunk within me, that I ended up in the emergency room with asthma...something which hasn’t happened in 15 yrs. I knew that it was due to the gunk being stirred up within me and that it was time to deal with the cause. I’m not sure if I’m 100 percent cured of my asthma, but I am breathing hundreds of times better than I ever have in the past 10 years. Thank you again!!!" Frank A.

"I'd like to thank you for the healing  session and for your help having talked to Father Billy on my behalf. It was very kind of him to have helped me as he did. I felt stunned and relieved after having read your notes because I realized that even though I had remotely thought that I may have been experiencing blockages of some kind I had been under the impression that there was something wrong with me. Your words were very comforting and helped me realize there are things that are beyond me. I just hope that I am able to find meaning to my life and leave the path of permanent struggle. I thought the deliverance session was very uplifting and felt calm and peaceful afterwards. Father Billy's persona is very warm and bright and his words and prayers are very kind. I look forward to my next healing session with you. Many thanks; A."
"I wanted to let you know that although I had a healing from you last Sunday, I also had one 5/20. About two weeks after the first one my blood sugars (I'm diabetic) began to be unusually low. I have an insulin pump. For a couple weeks now, I have lowered the settings on my pump almost every day. I still need insulin, but I'm taking much, much less than previously. And it continues to drop! So I'm very excited, and very thankful for this wonderful development, and wanted you to know about it. Again, thank you for all you do. Namaste, Peggy K."

"We just returned home from the vet and Sadie is doing so much better! He found only a slight instability in the joint on her injured leg, and told us he definitely does not recommend surgery anymore and that we can let her run around and play as she longs to do! We are very, very happy and grateful!! Thank you very much. Gratefully, Nancy B."

"Hi Blessed Tiffany: We wanted to say thank you for the healing day convention on Saturday. We had just an incredible experience. For my husband he felt amazing tingling feelings in his heart as he had felt from a healing with you once before. I felt the same falling into Bliss and joy and was happier than anything I have ever felt. This time I literally felt I was being picked up by the energy as you walked toward me, it was truly wonderful. Thank you very much, again."  Danah H.

"Thank you so much for your time, prayers, distant healing, and notes. :) I stand amazed at your ability to give so much to others...it felt like you were laying hands on me a long time..not sure if you were or if it lasted awhile after you were done! Nevertheless, you have a wonderful gift of sharing and I am very thankful for your ministry! I was awake during the healing session on Sunday night and felt hot/cold tingly sensations mostly on my back, neck and shoulder. I was lying there with a lot of anxiety and then all of a sudden felt a little warmer and quite a bit calmer and the baby started to kick like CRAZY! At first I got worried about the baby...but then he quickly calmed down so I felt better. :) Yes, yesterday and today I have been quite emotional! Ridiculously so! Glad to read that is sort of normal. Also glad I have a loving and relaxed husband who can come home to a wife that needs to have a REALLY big cry and not get all stressed out about it." L & R

"Dear Beloved Tiffany, Thank you so much, I thank God for you! I had awoken a few times that night, and one time I felt a warm rush like frequency push out something and I felt as though there was a residue on my skin, which needed to be on the outside of me? I cleansed in an Epsom salt bath with baking soda. It has been only 3 days and I have had a lighter sensation about me and some excitement of being better. I needed to hear the part of doing something to bring me joy, like I needed that particular permission. Thank you from my mother, Rosemary, I see the love and peace flowing out of her eyes, I know both our Spirits have been deeply touched/healed. It is a beautiful gift for us. Love and Blessings to you all, Becky A."

"Dear Sir/Madam, Out of curiosity I downloaded an MP3 phone in with Diane and Tom Pauley and started listening during my lunch hour at work. There was a couple of guests on the show to help people but when Tiffany started to talk I literally felt tears streaming down my face, for some reason I felt so much joy and happiness it was indescribable. When I got home I listened to it again with my wife, we were just couldn't believe what we were hearing, she sounded like an angel. I've never heard an angel to be honest but her voice had a purity and sweetness that seemed beyond this world for some reason. I think she was with her husband but they did a healing on the MP3 and we sat together in meditation listening to the prayer and we definitely felt something, like a physical sensation taking place. I felt quite fantastic. We both think we are living in special times when amazing things will take place, we just think that anything is possible now, it was nice to be moved in such a way and to experience what we felt. I remember Jesus' words when I was at Sunday school, speaking of people doing greater things than he in the future, as soon as I saw the website I thought of those words, and its nice to actually see that coming true now. Because to be honest, I don't think I felt it happening until I saw Tiffany's website. Rich Blessings, Errol J. Australia"
"I did not go up for a personal healing, just sat and watched others and soaked in the energy, and I DID feel an extra zap of energy during the meditation. I had fallen down a cliff 3 weeks prior, and was having some complications from the brain concussion, and I had a tension headache that wouldn't quit. The next morning (sat), after my Qigong practice, my left sinus began to run, I blew my nose, and ZAP! headache GONE, AND I felt fantastic!!! I practice Qigong everyday, and I know that her energy Fri night was responsible for my head clearing. Tiffany's analogy of the people needing to turn the light switch on to receive the (electric) energy is very valid...I observe too many people wanting to BE healed without any effort on their part, or inner belief in change (they have fear of change, actually).  I am grateful for Tiffany's gift, and her sharing with others, and for you folks for your organizing events for people to be able to receive God's energy in pure form. Thank you all. Kathryn W."

"Thank you for the healing/prayer session last Friday. As you know, I had incurable insomnia. Last night, I actually slept 7 hours! Hurray! I have also noticed that in the past few days I am starting to feel more able to trust God with my future and feeling like I can let Him unfold things and bring them about instead of me feeling like I have to figure them out and make them work out.  Thank you also for the word of knowledge, which I completely identify with and strengthens me in knowing God is working all things out for my good. I'm so glad God led me to come across your website.  May God continue to bless you and your work in Christ Jesus! Thank you, Rebecca R."

"Your wisdom is infinite, Tiffany. If I can keep your words etched in mind and heart, perhaps I will find my own place for healing. Odd as it may seem to others, my body seems to hurt everywhere from fibromyalgia and chronic neck pain from arthritis, except the one place that never has pain and that is my right knee. Remember, I tore ligaments in that knee in 98 and my neurosurgeon told me I would have to have knee surgery, or it would never heal.....well, you proved him wrong! And it was my first experience with healing prayer. I think that knee stays well and healthy and pain free as God's constant reminder that I had better pay attention...because if I don't, the rest of my body isn't going to be fun to live with! Right now my time is overwhelmed, but I can't wait to see you again!! Love and Peace, Nancy M., TN"
"NECK HEALED - Mother of 3 unable to care for her children because of an injury and fall on the neck, CT MRI and XRAYS showed fracture between c2 and c3, bulging discs, neurological problems, numbness in hands, feet and even mouth and face, headaches - Dear Tiffany, Thank you thank you thank you thank you for having a wonderful relationship with our Creator and being blessed with your healing gift. Thank you for praying for me, doing a healing on me in Jesus' name and being such a pillar in a very scary and hard time for me. I am so thankful to be feeling good again after my neck troubles. I've been feeling so good - I've jumped right back into life's routine like I didn't have to injuries I did 1 month ago. I'm sorry I haven't reached out sooner. I've recommended you to my dad and mother-in-law because I am so impressed and confident that God has given you a wonderful healing gift that I truly feel honored and grateful I was recently touched by. I also have to mention - just your comforting and encouraging words were so soothing - thank you my friend. It is so easy to let FEAR overtake you - the UNKNOWN... but nothing is too hard to the LORD. Keep going o' faithful one. You are truly making a difference. It's beautiful. Jennifer F." 

"Thank you again for the lecture/healing session in VA Beach, VA last May 2006. To date I am still smoke free! Yeh!!!! Sending you Love and Light during your session of Healing for you and all attendees and their relations. Highest Good! God Bless, Shawn E. K."

"Hello, Blessed Tiffany! Once again, you were right on, because all the medical testing showed in my Dad's gastrointestinal system was one non-cancerous polyp that was removed, and another small area of non-specific inflammation, and he has had no more bleeding episodes! Prayer changes things...thank you so much for lifting my earthly father to Father. Thank you for praying for me also, I do tend to be concerned for my aging parents  (dad is 77 and mom is 83); they live 3 hours away from me, and I just have a small apartment, so they could not just come to live with me.  I'm an only child, so they are kind of "on their own" as far as assistance I can render to them presently. I am using the 12 decrees pretty faithfully. Thanks again so much for lifting us up to Father! Bless you Tiffany! Mark W."

"Hello I was healed by Tiffany in 2007. I also had my mom worked on by Tiffany on her death bed. I found Tiffany by looking on the internet for my friends BIO who was in the olympics for field hockey her name was also Tiffany Snow and she lives in Escondido. While searching for her website I came across Tiffany Snow the healer from Escondido which I thought was odd but I clicked on the website to read about it. At that time I had been dealing with a very painful foot that had been being looked at by a foot doctor I had a bone spur and so tendon problems. The doctor would give me very painful shots and it was not working so I stopped going to the doctor. After reading the website about Tiffany I was so desperate I decided to pay the money and thought to myself I am just throwing my money away this is a joke but I decided to do it and try. Tiffany made an appt with me which at first I did not understand she is in California I am in North Carolina how is she going to heal me. Well she explained she comes in spirit which I thought............OK.........I am really thowing my money away but I was in such pain with my foot I had to try. She advised to spend my day in pray and in nature so what I did I live alone I cleaned house all day all the while praying as if Jesue was going to be a guest in my home I wanted it clean for him. I am still thinking though throughout the day this is a joke but did spend the day talking to GOD while I walked around my home doing what I needed to do. I went to bed at 11:00pm and at 2:00am I don't know what but something awoke me and my bedroom had a shocking pink light coming from the ceiling down and illumating my entire bedroom. I sat up not thinking this was Tiffany and I said what in the world is that where is it coming from. I looked at the windows no light is streaming through the windows but this light is coming from the ceiling down. I then thought this might be Tiffany as soon as I thought that I started feeling be touched as if a hand was on me and I knew this was Tiffany I could not see her but I could feel her where ever her hand was I could feel the touch of a hand and an incredible warmth in that same spot. I felt her move her hands over different parts of my body then she got to me head and my head as pulsating where I could feel her hands and the warmth to the point it started to bother me and I kept wondering how much longer was she going to be working on my head. The healing went on so long I had to get up in the middle of it to go to the bathroom and told her and Jesus I was sorry but excused myself. When I came back the touching resumed. It seemed this went on for an hour. I could tell when it was over the touching stopped and the light the shocking pink light went away. My bedroom is bright blue everything is blue nothing pink. I went back to sleep when I woke up in the morning I recalled what I went though and I sat on my bed hoping beyond hope that when I put my foot on the floor the pain would not be there. Wha la...........foot on the floor put all my weight on the floor no pain. I decide to take a few steps no pain....this would have never happened prior to this every step prior was excrusating...but now no pain....I walked around the home in my bare feet no pain....I jumped up and down no pain. I could not believe this I have just been healed and this money I spent was the best I ever paid. I got ready went to work no pain while walking at work....employees I work with knew I was going to do this I walked up to them jumped up and down no pain...I was so excited I could net believe this. I would recommend this to any one. I paid last year when my mom was dying from cancer she died a very peaceful death and did not have any pain at the time she also felt being touched all over when Tiffany came to her. She passed away had cancer all through her body but I knew she did not have pain due to Tiffanys touch."Annie A.

This is only a sample of the healing letters and emails we receive.
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