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Mary - "Mother of All Nations"


What Does Mary Look Like?

A Visit During Stigmata by The Mother of All Nations

Why Does Mary Cry?

First Meeting with The Virgin Mary

"The night before my first stigmata I have many dreams of Christ and his earthy mother as soon as my head hits the pillow, I feel as if I were in Palestine itself, the dreams are so real, with all the senses. Sweet Mother Mary visits me again, as she had last year at this time. Again, she didn’t talk to me, just smiled and unfolded her arms towards me. I don’t know what it means, is she welcoming me or hugging me or asking me to do something? I wish she would speak. I don’t know what to do, but I am feeling so Blessed.”  - from the webpage Diary of Stigmata

As you can see, Divine visitations can sometimes start with dreams, the kind of dreams that are more than dreams, the kind of dreams where you remember everything clearly when you wake up, and know you have been visited by a Divine being. I was not raised Catholic, I didn't know much about Mary, except the normal things you hear about special places in the world such as Fatima and Lourdes that have been graced by her appearances, where people still go to request blessings through her. But I definitely recognized her when she came to me. Soon it moved from dreams to waking reality and visions.

What does Mary look like?  She has appeared to me looking two different ways, meaning her articles of clothing were different. But her face is always the same. She is very young, she looks no more than 14 years old, and her bone structure and skin tone look like anyone else that you would see today of a young woman of Jewish culture. Most of her hair is hidden, but I always see some around her neck and the color is a beautiful brown. It is wavy, not tightly curled or straight. I don't know how long it is, because I have neved seen the ends of it, because a head covering is always tucked around and over it. If I had only seen her during these visitations, I would really have to guess at her height, since how do you accurately get how tall a person is when they are floating above or beside you? But when I experience stigmata I see her in relationship with other people. During stigmata, first I see everything as through a third person, like I'm watching TV. Then as the experience moves on, it becomes first person, and I see what is happening through the eyes of Him who suffers the wounds. So in this way I have seen Mother Mary many times, through the eyes of her son, Jesus. She is not tall, she is less than 5 foot, and more than half of those standing next to her are more than a few inches taller than she is. She is slender, with dark brown eyes, and she looks older when I see her during the experience of stigmata than when she appears directly to me in her visitations.

When I have seen her in the crowd and trying to stay close to her son during his last days on earth, I see her with a different color veil than during her visitations, and her clothes are coarse and natural-colored, like a hue of sandstone, or perhaps a very light brown. I don't remember ever seeing what was on her feet at any time. Really, when you look at Mary, the last thing you really concentrate on is her outward appearance, for her spirit and soulful eyes and facial expressions move the very heart of the viewer. It is as though she feels everything that the person seeing her does, plus a hundred fold. There is no doubt to anyone viewing her that she is beloved, approved and anointed by God.

A Visit During Stigmata by The Mother of All Nations: This happened shortly after stigmata first started occurring to me in summer of 2005. At that time, they were happening almost every month like clockwork, and lasted about 3 days. Now through the years it happens every few months or so, and can last up to 9 days at a time. As you may imagine, seeing your hands, feet, and other parts of your body spontaneously blister, open and bleed is quite a thing to wrap your head around. And witnessing all the other things that go with it, like the visions and other sensory related things, changes your whole concept of what reality is. And whether a person may know beforehand about stigmata or not, any research available on it points to only saintly people having it, and I certainly have not had a perfect life by any means, I have led a very difficult and broken life. So as I had stated in my stigmata diary, I feel huge surges of emotion when stigmata begins: very blessed, very unworthy, very sinful, very loved, full of doubt; everything all at the same time. This was the condition I was in when Mary came and spoke to me for the first time, and when she first appeared to me as Mother of All the Nations.

It was during one of the first times I had stigmata. I was laying on the bed in my home, the wounds were opening, and I was again going through all the reasons why this could not be happening to me. I was telling the person ready to take notes (Father Billy was there this time) why I was the last person in the world that God could use, and that I was sure to mess this up, didn't know what He wanted, that I was not worthy of Jesus's love or anyone elses, etc., etc.

Then it happened. A light started shining above the bed in front of me, like a little star expanding into a bigger and bigger brightness. I sat up in bed, amazed at what I was seeing, and knowing that Mary was going to visit me again. But this time it was different. When the brightness filled up all the area, the sides began to clear, and I saw a long row of people looking straight ahead at me. Each person was a king or governing ruler of a different country, and was wearing the garb of their stately office. They looked very serious, and very regal. There were perhaps several hundred of them standing side by side. Most had items in their hands representing their countries.

As I watched, the two in the very middle separated, and each started backing up to opposite sides, and all the rest started doing the same, which soon created an opening and a small aisle started emerging down the middle of the people.They were also now in a huge room with a high arched ceiling, and the arches were the color of gold, and there were parts of the ceiling that looked as if it were glass, for the light was streaming in from them. And each government official now had the flag of their country standing tall behind them. The building looked like a very fancy church, and had ornate carved walls. The sight was really quite extraordinary - everything about the building being only of light, white and gold - with the sharp contrast of the bold, colorful and varied regalia of all the people standing against its walls.

A small image began to form now in the middle, and as I watched, it grew larger, and it was Mary. She was looking only straight ahead, and her eyes were on me. As she moved forward throught the people, the rest of the officials stepped back out of her way. She wore a most beautiful cape over her shoulders, that came down in front and back all the way to her feet. It was dark purple, and as she moved, it looked like little lights were going on and off, to me it looked like the twinkling of stars. She was wearing a veil on her head, but a different one than I had seen before, a darker one, and there was a ring of bits of light circling her forehead. I don't know how many, of if they were stars, or even tiny Angels, but they were spinning around her head as if in a chain  placed across her forehead. She held a septer in her right hand. When she got as close as a regular person would, she stopped and held out her hands to me, palms up (the septor had vanished). "I am Mother of All Nations. Why do you grieve my son?" she asked, placing her arms back at her sides. I was in awe. She had never said a word before, and I had never seen her in such pagentry. And now to ask me such a question in such a strong, determined voice, it tore at my heart. She repeated herself. "Why do you grieve my son?" I answered, "How am I grieving him?" 
She answered, "Do not grieve the giver of all good things by not fully receving the gift. Now take courage my daughter." And with that, her words softened, she held out her hands again, and she started fading away, and she said "You are not alone. I will visit again."

I cried and cried and cried.

Father Billy had not seen or heard anything, except me sitting up reaching toward the heavens and mournfully crying out "how am I grieving him?" He did smell a flowery scent in the room, and "the feeling in the room was different, " he said. And he remembers how I cried, and said "she called me her daughter!" and cried some more and slept. After that experience, whenever I start feeling negative things about myself, I remember that I use "I" way too much, and that none of this is about me, it is all about him, and that he could make a rock cry out his words if he wanted to! I will not grieve her son again. I will accept the gift, and open the package without doubt or hesistation in gratitude, confidence and humility. Anything else gets in the way. 

Why Does Mary Cry?  Since then, there have been many times I have been visited, and each time now she speaks to me, and is always encouraging and makes me feel very loved, especially when I don't think I can continue anymore in the work. At times I have even been able to ask a question or two, and I wanted to share with you here why Mary cries. I had asked about it in reference to my weeping statues, and also because in so many places she appears in the world, she is crying.

Put simply, Mary cries because people don't "get it," and she wants them to. She wants them to understand God's Love and the gift of her son, and not to be injured anymore by fallen Angels (demons) or to injure one another. And she wants all people to pray; to pray urgently and unceasingly, and to follow through on purposes and information they are given, and be saved from the calamity of our day and the destruction of all evil ahead. This is why wherever she appears, you will find her message is of urgency, motivation and Love. 

First Meeting with The Virgin Mary
(This is a story I had written down from my first experience with Mary, a full year before I had stigmata. She actually had appeared not for me, but to give me a a message to someone else, a client who had come to see me for healing prayer.)

She was the last person of the day, a woman in her 40’s with Grave’s Disease. About 5 minutes into the healing, a young woman appeared at the foot of the bed – with her face glowing, and full of love. Love like I haven’t felt it since my NDE (near-death experience) – the whole room filled with love. She had a off-white, coarsely woven covering over her head that extended down across her shoulders. It was the Virgin Mary! Her head was tilted to the left, and slowly she held out her arms toward my client. Across her arms was another linen head covering like what she herself was wearing. I described what I was seeing to the person on the table, and she started weeping. Then, Mary, smiling like the painting of Mona Lisa, faded into mist and disappeared.

The healing treatment continued on and was extraordinary, with much heat and vibration coming from my hands. I felt the need to sit down afterwards, overcome with emotion myself. I asked my client (Pauline A.) if she was Catholic. She said yes, she had grown up Catholic, but had gotten pregnant when she was a teenager, and her parents kicked her out onto the street. There, Mary would appear to her and tell her where to go for shelter and food. She said she hadn’t thought about it in over 20 years. But, that the deeper reason that she had come to me today, was to know if she should continue pursuing the relationship she was in, or go into the ministry. I told her, “I think Mary answered that for you.” For indeed she had, without even a word being spoken.

After the healing, it was difficult for me to drive the 3 miles home. Even then, I felt my knees were weak, and there was supposed to be Bible study at my house that night. I couldn’t even grip the guitar. I felt like I was totally relaxed, and knew I had been touched by a magnificent being, a warm and Holy Presence. I asked one of the brothers to conduct the study for me, as I sat there on “cloud 9.”  When I ate dinner, a bug crawled out of one of the berries I was eating. Normally I would smash it and flick it away. This time I just sat there in awe, looking at how beautiful this little creature was! Seeing Mary has changed by life in many ways. The healings have been more powerful. Also, some of my more sensitive clients have seen a woman’s hands and arms working alongside mine. For an entire week, the aroma of roses or sweet flowers lingered in the clinic’s healing rooms. Not being Catholic, I had never understood the veneration for Mary before. Now I do. I am very thankful for her showing herself to me, for Pauline being my client that day, and the unspoken feeling I have that Mary will somehow help me continue fulfilling the ministry given to me by God."- Tiffany Snow, July 2004  


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