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Animal Healing
How do I go about getting a healing for my pet?

(1). Call or email The Divine Wellness Institute with your request for a pet healing. Please state if it is an emergency or not.

(2). Give us the name of your pet(s), general location where your pet lives, any emotional or physical history of the pet that you wish to share, and the specific problem you desire healing for, if you know. An emailed photo is appreciated but not necessary.

(3). Or, (RECOMMENDED) you may safely use PayPal to purchase and book your healing. The requested donation is $50 per pet.

There are no restrictions on what kind of animal - cat, dog, horse, bird, cow, goat, etc., or on how many pets you can book at a time.

No matter which method, you will be sent confirmation of receipt of payment, and date of your pet's scheduled date for healing. As with other distant healings, we cannot confirm or schedule your pet's healing without receipt of payment.

For animal emergencies: please call and healing prayers will be given within 24 hours, the requested donation for emergencies is $95.

1.800.535.5474 or email fr.billyclark@gmail.com to schedule!

What is the True Spirit of Animals and Why Are They Here?

Just as we are a spark off the Divine Flame, domesticated animals are smaller sparks off of our own flames. We are given the choice before coming into these bodies of how many sparks we wish to let out to become our animal delegates. Delegates serve a specific purpose, they are here to teach us more about love, the giving and receiving of love, balance within these bodies and most certainly how to play! Delegates take these roles very seriously.

Like us, pets are in a physical body and these physical bodies have to be taken care of, and their bodies need balance to survive just as ours do. Your delegate is happy when you are happy and your delegate is sad or depressed when you are sad or depressed. Knowing that they are a part of you makes this easier to understand why keeping ourselves healthy physically and emotionally impacts the health of our pets. Can you see why people love their pets so much? Can you see the attachment, and why the care and longing for a pet is so important? It is truly the reuniting or a part of our spirit that has descended into our pet, helping us to remember the place of unconditional love that we are from, the place of love that we are!

This is why people are so attached to their animals for they are a part of their very self. This is also why when you see animals being treated with abuse, you will see their owners being hurtful to themselves as well. So it is important for us to look at how we treat our pets, since it is a reflection of how we do with love. Are we too hard on ourselves? Do we expect perfect behavior? Do we seek constant attention? Do we want to be in control of everything around us? These are things that we can see reflected in our pets, and a clue to actions that we may wish to be aware of that ripple out to others. Also, how wonderful to know that when we show kindness and love to the pet of someone else, we are showing kindness and love to that person! Often a healing for an animal is reflected in benefits for the owner as well. What a nice gift to give to ourselves and others...(click to read more of this article...)


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