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Weeping Statues

There are three statues that weep when Blessed Tiffany is experiencing the Holy Stigmata or being visited by Mary, Mother of All Nations.

One is a statue of Mary, and two are statues of Angels. Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy have a home altar, and when they have an office, they keep an altar there as well. It is a simple place to kneel, pray and take daily communion. On the altar are books handwritten with people's names in them that have requested prayer; a book of churches and cemeteries that have been blessed by Father Billy and Blessed Tiffany; blessed communion wine and host, a hand carved redwood cup and platter to receive communion, a large crucifix, and a statue of Mary in the middle. Often "Angel coins" for children or small prayer cards and pictures of saints can be found there as well, to be blessed and then given away.

The statue of Mary was purchased new by Blessed Tiffany at old San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside, California. This was shortly after a vision Blessed Tiffany had of seeing Mary appear to her, where Mary spoke not a word, but smiled and nodded her head. The statue was placed on a make-shift altar at home beside her bed. The two Angels were originally one on each bedpost, and had been acquired sometime previously. It is not exactly known when the statue of Mary first started weeping; but it was first discovered during the third stigmata that Blessed Tiffany experienced, when communion was about to be taken, and the face of Mary was noticed to be shiny. On further inspection, the tears were seen to not only be on the face, but the oil had run down to pool in the held arms and overflowed there down to the feet. On asking Father what this was about, Blessed Tiffany was then told to use the oil on the wounds of stigmata to soothe them. This has been the protocol now for every stigmata. The interesting thing is, as time has gone on, the statue of Mary will at times weep when there is no stigmata occurring. During this time, Blessed Tiffany sees it simply as an additional blessing that she is never alone, and lets the oil be an anointing for her hands for the healing work.

While Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy were dating, Tiffany desired to give to Fr. Billy the most precious thing she had, which was the weeping statue of Mary. Father Billy kept it safe on his nightstand until they married and all three statues were together again. During this time the statue of Mary did not weep, yet the Angel statues still with Blessed Tiffany did. When Blessed Tiffany moved from her small home in the avocado grove to a larger one in town all three statues were wrapped in cloth bath towels and packed in a cardboard box for transport. The box was not initially easy to get to, and it was several days before it was unpacked. When it was, all the towels wrapping each statue were soaked with oil, which means they had been weeping while boxed. No stigmata was being experienced during the move by Blessed Tiffany. When the bed was removed, it was found the oil/tears of the Angels had run all the way down the posts to pool on the floor around each leg. The movers actually dropped the headboard during the move because it was slippery, and broke half of one of the bedposts off.

Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy continue to keep the statues together, and as of 2010 are all three on an altar in their home in an undisclosed location in the Eastern US. Mother Mary appears to Blessed Tiffany as "Mother of All Nations," and a full page is needed to tell more of her story: Mary - "Mother of All Nations"



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