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Diary of 1st Stigmata

“When we finally surrender all things, we gain everything and have lost nothing but fear.”- Blessed Tiffany Snow


Tiffany Snow exhibits the scars of all 5 Wounds of Christ, (both hands, feet, and gash in side) and has also manifested open whip marks on her back from the sufferings experienced at the Passion, and the crown of thorns and multiple bruisings and lashings. Blessed Tiffany has also been given the gift of healing miracles, she had been seen in two places at once (bilocation), has the ability to see the other side (discernment of spirits) and commonly receives accurate Divine information and insight, including prophetic visions for our times (word of knowledge and prophecy). Father continued to magnify his Love every few months through the wounds of his Love. The wounds opened spontaneously for 3-9 days at a time every month or so, from July 2005 through April 2009. Due to the mass of inspired information given at these times, it will take years for all of it to be written down. Though still bearing the scars, the blessed occurrences were ended the same way they started - by God's grace, since Blessed Tiffany would come close to dying many times. With each experience the longing to be out of the body and to be only with Father became overwhelming, making it more and more difficult to stay in the body. The main reason for receiving the stigmata was also fully accomplished by the writing of The Divine Decrees, a series of prayers to help mankind ease through this world shift - Great Tribulation and Armageddon - with less suffering. God told her about the Holy Stigmata "though this will pass away, I am with you always..." True to his word, daily she continues to hear him clearly and in full strength use the Divine gifts of miracle healing and prophecy she has been blessed with, to the delight of all who weren't ready for her to go. Here, she has graciously let us reprint her very first experience. She emphasizes that each time is different, and this is given to promote understanding and not fear.

Personal Journal of Events - A stigmata account as humbly submitted by one of God's handmaidens as an opportunity to share the reality of God's miracles continuing in our time.
(The night before Tiffany Snow's first Stigmata) “Overwhelming desire to spend quality time in evening prayer today, which is unusually peaceful and deep as I meditate upon the glorious Love of God. I feel totally embraced by the hands of my Lord. This last week, have had much pain in my hands and feet, and other places which correspond with the wounds of Christ, burning pain, it is a curiosity to me. During the prayer time and offering of the host and wine, Father tells me many things about my future, and I start to see marks on the skin in my hands and feet. Now it is manifesting above the skin! First looks just like a brown area, like a burn mark. I am amazed, and wonder if it is my imagination. These areas have felt like a red-hot iron punched through me, especially when Father facilitates me to work on clients who have cancer or other difficult maladies at the clinic. I wonder what is going on! I decide to wait until morning and look again. I dare not think of such a beautiful thing happening to me. Many dreams occur of Christ and his earthy mother as soon as my head hits the pillow, I feel as if I were in Palestine itself, the dreams are so real, with all the senses. Sweet Mother Mary visits me again, as she had last year at this time. Again, she didn’t talk to me, just smiled and unfolded her arms towards me. I don’t know what it means, is she welcoming me or hugging me or asking me to do something. I wish she would speak. I don’t know what to do, but I am feeling so Blessed.”

1). “Woke up with large blisters where the burns were. Round circular areas on top and bottom of hands also, and same in feet, with much additional pain. Looks like holes where nails went it, feels like it too. Went to work healing at clinic, no one noticed under the dim light in the rooms – only the office administrator noticed. I start to feel immense pain with the healings in all the areas of Christ’s wounds, including left shoulder keeps “popping” out of joint, and my back starts to hurt in areas, and my right side. Three of my teeth on my right upper jaw feel loose; I taste the blood going down my throat all day, and spit out blood into the sink. Evening is worse, blisters have popped, I take off old skin, circular areas turn red, they are going deeper before my eyes, and start to bleed. I fully realize what is happening, no need to guess now, and I feel afraid. I let Father know this body is his, I surrender, let my hands be his hands, I ask for full communion, no matter where that takes me. Today, I didn’t tell anyone, no one knows but the office administrator at the Institute. Heavenly Father will guide me in what to do. I wonder if I’m going crazy, but Father assures me that is not the case. The visions increase, I see them now while awake. They are not dreams. I try to eat something, it does not stay. I don’t feel well. I hurt. 

Day 2). “Morning and evenings the worse. Night had multitude of short dreams of the Passion, one after another, and me there witnessing and then also living it at the same time, seeing it although I was . I know exactly how everything happened! In the morning, heavenly Father says, “show yourself to the Priest,” and “This will come and go, but I am in communion with you always.” I know who he is talking about, Father Francis Marcolongo, who has referred people to me for healing, and we have become friends and had many wonderful spiritual discussions. I don’t tell Fr. Francis why, but ask if he could see me this morning at my work. He walked in while I was still on the pillow in front of the  altar I made in my office. By this time there was blood everywhere running down my feet and hands. “Oh my God!” The first thing he says, his eyes big with concern and surprise. Then then tells me a short history of stigmata, he asks me questions, and the suggestion is made to take it easy, but it is up to me to work or not. We celebrate communion together, and Fr. Francis blesses me with holy water, and offers prayer of protection. I keep hearing the demons ridicule me, although the Holy Angels are even more powerful around me. I am more protected than the United States President; I can see everyone in the spirit world, all of them, and the beings of darkness behind the Angels, a legion. I trust and have no fear. I really don’t feel part of this reality anymore. Just like with my lightning strike and near-death experience, everything I thought I knew is now different, and I can’t go back.

I ignore what the shadows are saying, the ones that unplugged from the Light can do me no harm. The Holy Angels are here with me by Father’s command. I shall not be afraid. What can darkness do to me? They know the power of my Savior. The unHoly Angels dare not interfere. All morning I had been shaking almost uncontrollably, but the shaking disappears by the time Fr. Francis leaves. I feel very emotional and VULNERABLE. I feel unworthy, very sinful, very loved, full of doubt, very blessed, all at the same time. Fr. Francis asks my office administrator to call him later to let him know how I am doing. I feel bad about canceling people, and want to continue to work, though I end up not going through the full day. Much more blood now from feet and hands, top and bottom, everyone noticing, still I work, but I explain it, people are very moved, no one seems offended, and I keep Band-Aids on the inside palm wounds of my hands, nothing gets on anybody. Band-Aids have trouble sticking, must change them all the time. Overhead lights keep dimming, then getting brighter, there are electrical surges happening. It is difficult to walk now, going barefoot, can’t wear shoes, trying to stand on sides of feet, doesn’t help much, this twists the foot. Pain gets worse, feels like “drilling” is happening at the pain sites while Heavenly Father does the healing work. I know this is true communion! He is sharing with me, the place where God felt the human condition the most, the place of connection to humankind experienced during the crucifixion. I understand and surrender to his glory. How could I not. I don’t know if this will kill me or not. I don’t care. I’ve been there before. It’s only the body that goes. The spirit continues on. Either way I will not lose him.

“In my mind or in my ears, I do not know which, but I keep hearing the lashing of a whip, feeling it stronger on my back - it startles me every time now and makes me jump. So many visions of the Passion; I see it all, I can hear the shouts, smell the air, all very strong. I get very thirsty, can’t get enough water, but I can’t hold the cup, put on counter with a straw in it. Bleeding has become less now during early afternoon, then in the evening, gets worse again. My parents are contacted, they only ask Fr. Francis, “what can we do to help?” he says, “she is handling it very well, there is nothing to do right now. Just keep her in your prayers.” They don’t know what stigmata is, he tells them.

I drive home, which was not a good idea. I am dizzy and still seeing things that aren’t there.  I live alone, (*the Holy Stigmata first occurred before she and Father Billy Clark were married) and need to get home and lay down. Others offered to drive me, but I didn't know how I would get my car home, and I think it hadn’t fully hit me yet that this was all very real. It was like I wanted to do something normal so I could still feel in control. But driving wasn’t the answer. I can’t hold the wheel very well. But I made it. This evening while celebrating the Eucharist, I reach for the host, and notice a spot of blood on it before I even touch it. As I watch, the entire wafer turns bloody. I break it in half, put half in my mouth, and the other half I give to a statue of sweet Mary on the altar I have at home. She is holding the Blessed infant Jesus in her arms, the whole little figurine is just a hold-over from a Christmas scene that I couldn’t bear to pack away. I wonder if the blood is mine or his. I do not know. (Since that first night, the host keeps appearing in different places on the altar, all by itself!) A look in the mirror shows I also have bruises all over my body, in all sizes. It looks like I have been pelted with stones. Perhaps from Christ falling down in the street? Or did they throw stones at him too? Father says “both,” and now I see the visions of that as well. I feel Jesus so deeply within, it makes me cry. But with the pain is a peace, a tranquility that surpasses the suffering – I feel half-way out of my body, as if all this is a dream. Then I stick my finger into the deepening holes in my hands and feet, and know this is real. I am not picking at it, I just am having a hard time believing this is all true. But certainly the pain is real, other people saw it too, so I must not be dreaming.

Day 3). “I wake up from another night of dreams, I can barely drive to work, a full schedule at the Institute today, almost run off the road twice, can’t hold steering wheel very well, and can’t drive with shoes. Ask Fr. Francis to be there again for me before I begin the day, I need the prayers. Blood everywhere, holes much deeper, and I also wake up with a gash in my right ribcage/liver area, about 7 cm long? and deep. I keep feeling it jab in, as if going to my spine, makes me want to vomit. The holes on the back side of my hands are much deeper than in my palm, though the ones in the palms feel the worst; the skin is so sensitive there. The back of my left hand is over a full centimeter across, and almost perfectly round. I can see a further puncture wound in the middle of it, where it is the deepest, and now I can see gristle and white material when the blood isn’t oozing. The holes on the inside of that hand are about half that size. They are not all the way through. The strength in both of my hands has greatly diminished, I cannot hold anything on my own, but have to have someone hold it up for me, such as my water cup, and use a straw to drink. Diarrhea and cannot eat again. Why do I continue to work and endanger myself with driving? I don’t know. I think I need people around me.

“The right hand wound is off-round, and slightly smaller than half an inch, but the puncture wound is deeper in the very middle. In these places it feel like a “drilling” is happening when the healings occur. The inside is the same as the left hand, about a third of an inch across. The ones on my feet are well over half and inch on top, and 3/4 the size on the bottom, though the bottoms are more painful than the top. The feet bleed very much. Both hands and feet are swollen around the wounds. The back has still not physically manifested, though there are marks that look like a rash, a friend says, in lines. I also feel hot on my forehead, and in the mirror I see splotches of red marks. These do not manifest any stronger. The shoulder still keeps popping in and out, with much pain involved. Head hurts, and jaw. Knees feel raw, like scrapped. Basically, whole body hurts.

“Bright red blood, it coagulates very fast, in a minute or less. I go to wipe it off, and it looks like strings. I say to Fr. Francis I don’t know what to do with all the blood on everything at home - I don’t want to treat it with disrespect - how do I dispose of it? Do I burn the rags? Do I wash them? Fr. Francis gives me advice, to wash them, and anything that I rinse out, to pour the water/blood out on the ground and say a blessing over it. We celebrate communion again, and he looks at the pattern of the blood on my right foot, and says it is a picture. He recognizes it as an instrument of penance that he and the other men used at seminary, to whip themselves on the back with - the blood on my foot looks exactly like a man holding this very instrument (days later he shows me the instrument, he is in his 70’s and has kept it for these many years. It looks exactly like the picture on my foot!)

“I ask if I should work today, although I don’t know how I can - I can barely stand, and keep feeling dizzy and the pain is so difficult. He says no, not to work. He tells me to let it go, to not hold onto the pain, but to transform it, to reflect it back to God. All the while now, the whipping occurs, and each time I jump and cry in pain. I try to hold the noise of the cries back, but Fr. Francis says it is OK to make sounds. The blood keeps pouring down between my toes and fingers. The cut on the side makes it difficult because the elastic of my scrubs fit there. I lie down on the couch in my office. What to do with the clients for the day? Heavenly Father says we can give them an option - they can come in for a visitation, and this will be a blessing by God for them, or they can reschedule. Many come, and cry, and are blessed, and healings occur! We also make calls to friends and family who visit. All are moved to faith. I have not much strength, and am glad to lie down. I do not remember much of this time, though I remember bringing the cross out from my neck and Father comforting people by it, and flowers, and singing and prayers for me (some in Hebrew, which I remember were very comforting). The tranquility is so deep, and Jesus is with me, and within me. I even see the overlay of his hands over mine. They are beautiful. My mind is full of visions. Pictures were taken, I didn’t know until later. This first time of my stigmata can be seen clearly.

Fr. Francis says not to wash the areas until they coagulate, which they don’t until the afternoon, which is when it has been the slowest usually. Some pictures are taken through this time to document it. Many visit, bringing food, cards, flowers, prayers and songs, even people who are not Christian come, and a cold compress is placed upon my forehead. I smile, because I know the sacrifice that has been made is not based upon religion, but upon the heart. I lie “in state” for visitation until 4pm, and fade in and out, at times I do not know where I am, or care. I am with the Lord. Many people cried and were moved to faith, and healings happened as well, without my hands being upon them. Later in the afternoon, I begin to regain my energy. Two companions gently clean my feet, the areas around the wounds, and pour the water out on an angel statue and a few other places outside. I am driven home, since I cannot drive myself anymore. I cannot eat. Also, for the last three days there has been diarrhea and bouts of fever. My two cats will not get next to me, this lasts the full three days - they stay about 4-6 feet away, but stay exactly with me even when I walk and sleep.  Then tonight, they start to return to me, getting closer, they are more relaxed now. Also, I start to feel different. In the evening it had always been worse before, now there was only a bit of new blood. I know it is ending. This is the evening of the third day. Jesus was in the grave three days before his resurrection. I see the corresponding relationship with what I am experiencing.

(The Day After). “I wake up refreshed, relieved and not bleeding, the wounds are already starting to close up and heal. The visions have faded. There is a very strong smell of honeysuckle flowers, so strong it makes my stomach feel nauseated, it lasts several hours. I am able to walk short distances. Today is a day of recuperation, no work to do, and I sleep most of the day. Father Francis calls, I tell him “it is finished.” He is happy for me. He also shared that the potted plant that I gave him for his birthday last week, directly dried up and died on the day my stigmata started. Also, he said today he noticed a fresh new green sprig starting out the top, just like the death and resurrection, and it occurred the same time as the stigmata ended. Today I feel wonderful and happy, and peaceful and tranquil, as if I have just came back from the Olympic games and won every medal! It is a wonderful day, and my daughter and her friend bring food, and more flowers, and I am able to eat just a little and rest.

(Next Day) “Today I have almost all my strength back, and the wounds on my hands and feet are now white and only a bit of redness of the skin around the holes, they are all beginning to itch as they heal. They are healing very fast, and filling in with new material and getting smaller by the hour. I put a salve on the scabs to keep them soft. I pray to Father that I can keep the scars, to even stop the healing of the wounds (he has mercy on me and stops healing them for seven more days!). The wound on my side is a bit more difficult, since I am bending and it is being rubbed by the elastic of my clothes. I receive a call from Father Billy Clark today, he was out of the country for a wedding, and he already heard the news (Fr. Billy and I marry in June 2006, and his will be the pen that will write down all the revelations that occur during subsequent stigmatas). I continue to feel so Blessed from this experience. I excitedly await the next full communion of the Lord, but know that he is never far off from anyone of us, separation is an illusion! When we align our will to His Will, His Spirit lives also within us! He has given me great work to do, and nothing can hold me back from the purpose he has set before me. I wish to please him well and make him smile! And while I still anxiously await the next visit, my hands stay hot with the vibration of his Holy Love. I know the healings will be stronger, and I already feel more connected and can hear him better. Even though I may not understand it all, I promise to willingly do whatever he asks, at any time, and share whatever he asks me to share. I am amazed, because it is NOT because of how good I am that this gift has been given, for I have led a broken and painful life, but it is about how good HE is!” - Tiffany Snow

* The Holy Stigmata continued to occur for about 3-9 days at a time, every month or so, from July 2005 through April 2009. Each time much information was shared with Blessed Tiffany. She describes experiencing the Holy Stigmata as first seeing the life and death of Jesus as a third person, then becoming the person herself. Like a viewing a TV picture screen and falling into it and living it in real life, with all your senses wide open. It has been a time of blessed connection and always included much information which was written down to be shared with all. Tiffany Snow feels the beautiful prayers called Divine Decrees were the main purpose for her experiencing the stigmata, to help all mankind live through this world shift of the Great Tribulation and Armageddon into the kingdom of God on earth with less suffering. The Divine Decrees are fully available on the website. And the work is underway to have all the hundreds of pages of notes from stigmata available on www.LoveWins.NET as well. She also continues to heal, speak and write articles about what is needed to be guided safely through this time of transformation upon the earth, and how to participate with God and the Angels to be a touchstone of light and miracles at this time. Much information is in God’s Workbook - Shifting into the Light, available on most internet bookstores. Hers is an on-going revelation that she openly shares to encourage others in their journey towards Love. Her husband Father Billy teaches "Becoming the Mystic - The Power to Transform All Things" classes on the Divine Decrees and other information received. END

(This story may be shared or reprinted as often as you like, unedited, as long as your use of the material is out of respect and Love, not fear or slander. Please also add the website information
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