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Tiffany Snow
Stigmata-bearer, NDEr, Documented Miracle Healer
Welcome! Tiffany Snow

 Blessed Tiffany Snow - “Worker for The Big Guy”

Tiffany Snow is a modern mystic for the 21st century.
She had a
near-death experience in 1999 by lightning strike, where she met God and was given a mission.
The Holy Stigmata started in 2005. She is a woman of confident prayer and full faith. She hears God and is heard by him. She shares information about the times we are living in and about the mysteries of God. And, she is gifted with being a touchstone for the miracle of healing.

(1). Now she asks God for healing...and miracles happen.
(2). She teaches about God...and the soul finds peace and remembrance.

Her mission? "heal my children, help them remember who they are."             

"Live your life between the candle and the flame - find that place where you meet God face to face. That is where all miracles happen, and nothing good is kept from you." - Blessed Tiffany

Hers is the ability to help manifest miracles beyond space and time, shifting people’s ordinary lives to extraordinary ones - including incredible physical healings and sharing inspired information that transforms lives. Because she has already seen and experienced the unbelievable, it is now part of her undeniable reality - that supernatural miracles really do happen. Her faith is complete. She seeks no glory, and she and her husband Billy live on donations to continue their ministry. She emphasizes that God is the healer and teacher, not her, and she reminds that "many more people will be given Gifts of the Spirit during this process of world shift, so do not be afraid, because we have available the prayers and tools to ease the suffering of mankind - we just need to use them. God is looking for opportunities to bless!" (Please see the prayers called 
The Divine Decrees)

Although a baptized Catholic and bearing the scars of Christ, she maintains religious choice is not the main issue. "Mankind is the one who made the fences. God prefers the open pastures, all are Loved by him. Christ was the redemption for breaking all of mankind out of Adamic generational bondage. God desires to tenderly hold each of us on his lap." Thousands of people of all belief systems have found a stronger connection to God through Blessed Tiffany, finding new purpose, true joy, stronger spirit, and incredible benefits in their lives - emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

"God goes beyond limitations of man's own creation, ability or thought; which includes bypassing any religious views that promote fear, beyond most metaphysics, and simply straight into Divine Love. That connection is where all the answers are, where all the miracles live, and where you fulfill the craving inside you, by finding that place where you meet God face to face. It is the place where you remember who you are, and who God is."- Blessed Tiffany

Please read all the new and archived spiritual articles freely available on this website. They will encourage and inspire you!


Remembering Who You Are

Has this thought ever crossed your mind – “if I was God, I would change things.” Well, guess who wants you to do just that! All the good things you want, he wants too. The Big Guy wants you to remember who you are, how powerful you are and what you are here for. He has given you his Spirit, and wants to equip you with all the tools to participate in co-creating a new world. The world is not just escalating in fear and darkness, but in love and light too. We are now living in the great shift that has been foretold for thousands of years in all cultures. It is a shift between light and darkness, and light wins! You are of that light!

You Are Living at This Time for a Reason
          You Were Created to Change the World

Would you like the power to change the world? How about an unlimited ability to help the environment, and to globally influence positive change in politics and religion? Have you thought about what you would do, or how to go about doing it? Did you come up with realistic answers and strategies? Do you have the resources behind you to facilitate such an endeavor?
You have these desires placed in your heart because you were created to change the world, and Tiffany Snow wants to share with you everything you need to know to access the tools and power needed to fully accomplish it through Divine strength and Angelic connection. All the inspired information that has been shared with her is meant to be shared to all, including powerful prayers called The Divine Decrees that can greatly ease the suffering of mankind through this world shift. Enlightenment, hope, healing, expanded faith, confidence and peace of mind are now at your fingertips. Will you take the next step?

"God has always given signs and wonders throughout time, in every culture and in every part of the world. Now things are speeding up - and as the darkness gets darker, the light will get lighter, but have hope for the future, because Love Wins! The Big Guy asks for our hands to be his hands, his voice our voice. Miracles, Healing, prophecy, stigmata, resurrection, bilocation, lessening and moving storms, manifesting food, etc.; there is no limit to what God wishes to do through those who desire to make his will their own. The Bible says "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people... (Acts 2:17) That time is now." - Blessed Tiffany

You are encouraged to read all the spiritual articles listed here on this website, read Blessed Tiffany's vibrant and encouraging books, be healed by her prayers, participate in life-changing classes and find your life joyfully transformed by remembering your purpose on the earth.

Thank you for your eye-witness accounts regarding Blessed Tiffany's stigmata. You may now find many of these here.
See B
lessed Tiffany Snow's interview on the TV show: "Miracle Detectives." on  Oprah's OWN network
The title for our segment is called "Modern Day Mystic."

Check back often for new articles available on MP3! And be sure to look at our new teaching videos  for children who see ghosts (ages 0-7, 8-12, 13 & Up), and includes a teaching video for parents of children who see ghosts, and how to bless your home, etc. Excellent information!

If you need Distant Healing, please see our Healing Information page.

Deliverances, Spiritual Warfare & Dehauntings with Fr. Billy Clark, and Breaking Family Curses/Generational Bondage
INFO  page.

Be sure to look at our
New Articles & Archive pages - unique spiritual information you will not find anywhere else!!!

Latest article: Identifying a Haunting – a Checklist and Solutions

Bright Spots

Custom Art to Bless Your Home!

A joint venture of Stigmatic/Healer Tiffany Snow & Spiritual Warfare/Exorcist Father Billy Clark

Ask the Holy Angels to freely visit whenever needed! Through this unique touch-stone of your faith combined with the faith of these two prayer-warriors, receive an out-pouring of 7 Divine Blessings offered in behalf of you and your household! 

Each canvas is hand-painted by Blessed Tiffany in three colors you suggest to match your home, in your choice of two styles!

* A healing prayer offered by Blessed Tiffany for your name and location
* Prayers offered for guidance and peace for you and your household
* A healing prayer offered for any household pets
* A prayer offered by Fr. Billy Clark for a house blessing on your location
* Prayers offering cleansing of your property from ghosts and unHoly Angels
* A blessing upon the Holy Sacrament
* A Deliverance Prayer offered during a Holy Communion in your behalf.

Each is signed by both Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy Clark and the words of the free repeatable Deliverance Prayer are included. Let a BRIGHT SPOT Bless your Home!

Order Yours Today for only $150! (USD)
Each 5/8"x9"x12" canvas comes ready to frame.*
(*Frames shown are for illustration purposes only. Please allow up to 3 weeks for creation. Price includes free shipping. Return for a full refund within 30 days if not happy with this unique and original artwork!)

(1). Angels and Flowers

(2). Splatter and Stripes

Please email Fr. Billy the following information:

Phone Number (in case of questions):________________________________________
Shipping Address: (No P.O. Boxes Please!)

Is this a gift for someone else?     (Yes)     (No)
If so, what is the name to be used for the Blessings?
If so, what is the address to be used for the Blessings?

Please request the 3 colors to match the home, and your choice of 2 styles: 
(Color #1)________________________________________
 (Color #2)________________________________________
  (Color #3)________________________________________

Please choose a style:
(1). Splatter and Stripes   
(2). Angels and Flowers



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